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Sam Shure – Fae [Stil Vor Talent]

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Sam Shure needs no introduction. Emerging from a strange summer, '333' sees the German-born, Berlin-based musician step out from hibernation of sorts, to offer three fresh tracks and two remixes by Alex Medina as well as Murat Uncuoglu & Alican.

Just as the number 3 represents confidence, creativity and inspiration, Sam Shure steps it up and takes it to the power of '333' with another all killer, no filler EP. We can’t wait to hear it, loud, on the dance floor.

Taking minimal techno to the maximum, this album of moody, melodic tech-house has the signature depth and breadth of Sam’s soundscapes: turn this one all the way up.

Taking it dark and deep, 'Fae' bounces off the walls with its abrasive synths and chuggy basslines.

'Zion' is high energy, with a heavy metallic complexity and hallucinogenic ethnic-techno layers.

All good things are three: '333' brings sexy back triple-time in this spacey, synth-laden track which captures the light divine.

With a touch of far-flung exotica from his native Canary Islands, Alex Medina, who previously released on Innervisions and Transmoderna, adds a more upbeat tone to '333'. Taking the original track for a hot date on the dancefloor, expect heavy kicks and deep reverbs.

Remixed by the Turkish techno heavyweight duo Murat Uncuoglu and Alican Yuksel, as heard on Innervisions, Afterlife and Exit Strategy, 'Fae' thrashes like a slippery eel into an explosive breakdown while retaining the same full power, basement ready vibe as the original cut.

Buy: bit.ly/3nljU8H
Release Date: 09-10-2020



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