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Jean Caillou – There (Remixes) [Sound Avenue]

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Madloch’s Sound Avenue imprint rounds out the month of May by showcasing new interpretations of ‘There’ by Jean Caillou. First emerging in 2016, Swiss artist Jean Caillou quickly established himself with releases via Magician On Duty, RYNTH, Sag & Tre and Underyourskin Records, where his deep, melodious sound flourished. Moving forward, July of 2019 saw the Zurich resident make his Sound Avenue debut with a well-received remix of Joe Miller’s ‘The Days’. Deep and enchanting in equal measure, its organic vibe immediately won over DJs and fans alike, sparking what has been a fruitful relationship between the Belgian imprint and Swiss artist. Now, nearly four years on from his label debut and Jean has recorded two artist EPs and two additional remixes, making him one of Sound Avenue’s most steadfast artists. Sitting as a highlight on Caillou’s resume has been ‘There’, a track which served as the lead piece on his first Sound Avenue artist showcase ‘Departure Unknown’. Its romantic overtones and intriguing vocal stylings found favour with a cross-section of electronic music tastemakers, while also receiving a progressive oriented remix from Dutch artist Daniel Van Der Zwaag. Now, looking to breathe new life into the track as we enter the summer season, Sound Avenue invites Berni Turletti, Beije and about : river to reimagine the production in their own unique essence.

Providing the first remix of ‘There’ is Berni Turletti who returns to the label for his second appearance. Perhaps best known for his releases on Or Two Strangers, Higher States, Sudbeat and The Soundgarden, Berni Turletti brings a unique energy and perspective to progressive music. With the backing of Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren, the Argentinean artist has been tipped as one of the genre’s future stars. The last two calendar years have seen Berni continue to emerge, recording standout projects for Peace Symphonies, Plattenbank, Proportion and Mango Alley. Madloch’s Sound Avenue has also been a home for the Cordoba resident, with a well received remix of Forty Cats landing in July of last year. Now, fresh off a remix for label affiliate 3rd Avenue, Berni returns to Sound Avenue with a gorgeous take on ‘There’. While maintaining the elusive spirit of the original, the Argentinean artist crafts a sweeping sonic experience all his own, one where redolent themes and heartfelt sonics blanket warm rippling grooves and flashing percussive arrangements. Coming to full fruition across the main break, it’s a bucolic college of pianos and effects which serves to elevate mood onwards to a thumping finale.

The second interpretation of ‘There’ is provided by Beije who return to the label for their third appearance. Based in Toronto, Beije first emerged in 2019 with a release via Paul Hazendonk’s Manual Deep imprint. Immediately recognized for their deep, hypnotic yet musical sound, the Canadian duo would find success in short order, landing subsequent projects with Stripped Digital and 3rd Avenue, the latter of which preceded their Sound Avenue debut via the label's popular Correlation series. Fast forward four years and Beije are now widely regarded for their elusive production touch, with recent releases ℅ Flug Lab, Proton Music, Songuara and Where The Shadow Ends highlighting their resume. A return to Sound Avenue seemed inevitable and now comes to fruition as the Toronto residents deliver a stunning rendition of ‘There’. Taking inspiration from the original, the Canadian duo flexes their free-thinking muscles and craft a version that moves further into deeper territory. Warm, groovy and undeniably organic; its chunky low end, pixie-like effects and exotic percussive arrangements work in perfect sonic unison. An expansive centrepiece sits at the heart of the journey, highlighted by transcendent lines, thought provoking vocals and glowing overlays, perfectly setting the stage for a finale that is equal parts groovy and emotive.

The release concludes with about : river returning to the label for the third and final interpretation of ‘There’. Based in Estonia, about:river is a unique collaborative project between father and son. Conceptualized by father Oleg in 2018, the following year saw his 12-year-old son Ervin join the project. Initially a clarinet and keyboard player, Ervin quickly became a committed member of the project, contributing not only to live performances but also in the creative process, writing the main themes of their musical creations. Their productions tell a dynamic and sometimes epic story that happens to be set in a dance-groove environment. Since first emerging, the duo’s fresh style has continued to delight both their fans and contemporaries, with the world’s premiere electronic music tastemakers championing their work. An initial bond with Sound Avenue began in 2021 when the duo took to remodeling Nopi’s ‘Flatter’, before going on to release the thematic EP ‘Three Drops of Dopamine’, a release which was closely followed by their critically acclaimed debut album ‘24 Years Apart’. Now, making a welcome return to the label, about : river delivers a heartfelt take on ‘There’. From warm, rhythmic beginnings comes redolent themes and heartfelt sonics. Gentle flutters build and atmospheres emerge, perfectly setting stage for transcendent textures to provide depth and space as the piece evolves. A spoken word narrative and dulcet piano add nicely to the journey as the first act evolves, before smoothly segueing into a poignant finale which is sure to send people home with a smile.

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Release Date: 29-05-2023

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