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Ivan Aliaga – Immense [Or Two Strangers]

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Capping off a successful year, Antrim’s Or Two Strangers welcomes Ivan Aliaga back to the label for his debut EP. Based in Cordoba, the Argentinean artist first emerged in 2019 with releases via 3rd Avenue and Droid9. Immediately recognized for his dark and groovy take on progressive music, Ivan earned the praise of genre tastemakers Cid Inc, Guy J, Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed and Nick Warren, before eventually showcasing his music on The Soundgarden and Mango Alley. Also finding a home on Or Two Strangers, Ivan contributed a track to the label’s popular ‘Strangers’ 2 collection from October of last year. Now as 2021 enters its final month, Ivan returns to the label with a three-track showcase entitled ‘Immense’.

Beginning with the aptly titled ‘Immense’ Ivan aims squarely at a peak time dance floor with one of his biggest productions to date. Backed by punchy beats and a warm, rolling groove it’s got infectious energy from the outset. Its powerful drive is encased in a perfect balance of electric rhythms, finely tuned percussion and cosmic motifs. Nostalgic chord changes gently elevate mood while bringing greater emotional depth as the main break approaches. Tranquil arps rise across the interlude, complete with a metallic tinge and flowing through tension filled modulation as the groove drops for an emotive finale.

Moving on to selection two, the journey continues with the deep, chugging vibes of ‘Scares’. Immediately captivating, its muscular bassline, dark undertones and growling effects make for a groovy first act. Rolling percussion and pensive overlays play off the well carved low end, making for an irresistible, hip swinging groove leading into the break. Surreal effects and icy overlays create a colourful canopy of sound as the centrepiece evolves, building anticipation towards a thumping final movement.

The release concludes in fine fashion with the peak time qualities of ‘Last Breath’. Beginning with perfectly sculpted beats and buzzing rhythms it’s a production that’s compelling from the start. Panning percussive arrangements and fragmented vocals slowly encase the framework, as the low ends shapeshifts though emotive chord changes. Building to a feverish pitch as the main break approaches, it’s colourful synth phrasing which proves most striking, adding further depth and emotion throughout a spine-tingling apex. Energetic and poignant in equal measure, it rounds out what is an inspired EP from Ivan Aliaga, an artist who continues to rise up through the progressive house landscape as 2021 draws to a close.

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Release Date: 03-12-2021

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