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Intacto – 12th Floor [Eat My Hat Music]

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Continuing to add new talent to their roster, Ziger's Eat My Hat Music welcomes Intacto to the label for their debut EP. Hailing from Hungary and made up of Kay-D and Benho, Intacto first emerged late last year with a release on Stellar Fountain's Black division. Immediately recognized for their nostalgic progressive sound, the duo would go on a creative swell across the next calendar year, releasing projects via Droid9, Massive Harmony and Mirabilis Records. Now continuing to build on their newfound partnership, Intacto debuts on Eat My Hat with '12th Floor/Sunburst', alongside remixes from Ziger and Mind Conspiracy.

Beginning with '12th Floor' Intacto crafts a dramatic yet emotive piece complete with timeless narratives. Following a DJ friendly intro it's a selection of growling synth lines and glassy tonal themes which provide a cosmic storyboard, over a bed of pulsating beats and driving percussion. Cinematic overlays and glowing arps unite for a perfect combination of tension and exhilaration, before cross-cultural vocals and a trance-inspired break push energy onwards to a thumping finale. Meanwhile, on 'Sunburst' Intacto continues to explore the emotive progressive narratives for which they have become known. A tough, machine-gun style groove sits at the foundation, while delicate arps, prophetic synths and soulful instrumentation pave the way to a euphoric drop, where colour and texture meet in a goosebump-inducing finale.

Providing the lone interpretation of '12th Floor' is Eat My Hat label artist Mind Conspiracy. As one of the label's core contributors, Greek artist Mind Conspiracy has developed into a force within the melodic house and techno underground. A decade's worth of discography credits are highlighted by twelve Eat My Hat projects, none more notable perhaps than his most recent, a three-track showcase entitled 'Optic' which landed last month amidst much praise. Now, continuing his work for the label, Mind Conspiracy dials in a heady rendition of '12th Floor'. Setting the piece in motion, a foundation of spongy beats, intriguing vocal fragments and percussive flurries build momentum, before dropping out into a short but impactful break. Buzzing sonics and disorienting projections add depth and colour across the interlude, eventually transferring energy into a soulful, key-changing finale.

The release concludes with label boss Ziger returning for the lone interpretation of 'Sunburst'. With another eventful year coming to a close the Greek artist comes off a string of successful remixes for Eat My Hat as well as an original project for ICONYC. Often paired with Eat My Hat artist Mind Conspiracy, here we see Ziger returning to his solo ways with a powerful take on 'Sunburst'. Drawing on the sensibilities of the original, Ziger reworks the foundation with a modern flair as rippling grooves and flickering sonics bring a contemporary state of mind. Metallic arps steal the air as the first act evolves, bringing with them moments of tension and emotion, before celestial pads provide a path into the main break. Grandiose and dramatic in equal measure, the interlude is sure to captivate your dance floor with glowing swells and timely modulation leading back to the primary arp for a thunderous finale. A stunning interpretation from Ziger to cap off an excellent release for Eat My Hat, one where the newly formed Intacto continues to rise in the progressive house underground.

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Release Date: 18-11-2022

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