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Ilija Djokovic – Mirage [Independent]

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Wanna arm your sets with high precision ballistic missiles? You too feel that covid-induced energy pressure inside that needs to burst out like a jet fighter on a mission? Look no further than the Point Beyond and you will reach the Zenith and immerse yourself in a Mirage, Ilija’s new mastery in contemporary techno. Saying he did it again feels like an understatement as Djokovic continues to drive a very long streak of great releases, resembling victory runs of his namesake in tennis.

Ahead of his very much awaited upcoming second release on Drumcode, Ilija took his time to craft a pair of sonic engines that will transcend across your usual genre labelling in rekordbox but instantly getting those stars you need to always choose the right next track. His first Point Beyond release brings granite-solid beats engulfed by belterweight basslines coming from the waist up and all the way into the orbit where Djokovic seems to shape his synths to some near-future NASA specs!

While Zenith holds its ground for being a true apex in any set with its acid-driven gallop that breaks into full Prodigy-influenced techno-punk, a Mirage takes you back to the future with some of the finest soundscapes of the past and present progressive and melodic techno. All of this makes you ask yourself is this release really available only on Bandcamp?! Yes, it is, and he indeed did it again.

Stream: || Buy: bit.ly/BYND001
Release Date: 30-10-2020



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