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Ilias Katelanos, Molac, Plecta – Maga / Manis [Just Movement]

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Just Movement opens the spring season by welcoming Ilias Katelanos, Molac and Plecta to the label for their debut EP. Based in Greece, Ecuador and Greece respectively, this is a trio of artists who have achieved remarkable success in their respective solo careers. All highly regarded in the world of organic house, Ilias, Molac and Plecta have a combined discography highlighted by releases via Akbal Music, Melody Of the Soul, Musique de Lune, Songuara, Tale & Tone and Watergate, amongst others. Now, combining their extensive forces for their Just Movement debut, Ilias, Molac and Plecta unveil their latest studio creations 'Maga' and 'Manis'.

Beginning with 'Maga' the trio puts a firm focus on the dance floor which sets the tone for the EP. Full of rejuvenating energies, it's a framework of robust kick drums and chunky grooves which lays the foundation for swing-heavy arps and orbiting effects. Melodic fragments steal the air leading into the break, while airy atmospheres and cleverly co-axed stabs combine for the ultimate loud-soft dynamic. Taking a dreamy approach across the centrepiece, atmospheres swirl creating a brief sense of calm, before a sharp build unveils a vocal stab to ignite a powerful drop and uplifting finale.

Rounding out the release are the trippy hypnotic qualities of 'Manis'. Looking to bring greater depth to their portfolio, the trio flexes a more up-tempo side of their studio repertoire here, with an energetic club-effective cut where pneumatic flow, cross-cultural vocals and hyperbolic effects cruise into a timeless breakdown. Rhythm stays locked across the interlude, eventually melting down to a glowing backdrop and a finale driven by hook-heavy chord stabs and shapeshifting effects.

Buy: https://tinyurl.com/2hxzhbne

Release Date: 08-04-2023

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