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Ido Morali – To Carry On [01FRBL]

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Hailing from Israel, Ido Morali has been a fixture of Tel Aviv's nightlife for the well over a decade. Beginning his career as DJ at the infamous Bootleg Club and Beit Maariv, Ido would find success early on, sharing the stage with Âme, Dixon, Guy Gerber, Jennifer Cardini and more, in turn making him of Israel's most highly regarded local DJs. Fast forward to present day and Ido is the founder and content manager for Tel Aviv's well-respected Mondo 2000 club, while also being a part of the pioneer 'Gavoa' collective, as well as of the "Rabbits in the Sand" Israel Burn camp, known for it's music. As a producer Ido first emerged in 2022 with contribution's to VA collection's for Duro and Nothing Is Real, before going on to release his first EP project via KULTO. With year one in the books, Ido's unique amalgamation of indie-dance and electronica has seen him emerge as one of his country's most promising artists. Now, presenting his first production of 2023, Ido contributes a track to 'The Sound Of Tel Aviv', a sprawling fourteen-track collection complied by fellow countryman and Frau Blau boss Kadosh.

Taking square aim at the dancefloor, 'To Carry On' finds Ido composing with a strong sense of space, as he works wavy arps over a tough, chunky foundation. Layers of finely tuned percussion add depth and drive across the first act, effortlessly transferring energy into a short but timely break. Here, Ido's experience as a DJ shines through, as the concise interlude does wonders to build tension and anticipation, with icy pads reaching a tasteful apex, before giving way to the thumping groove for a timeless key changing finale. Operating at the peak of his creative powers, Ido continues to impress with his latest offering 'To Carry On', a light and playful indie-dance selection which should create some magical club moments across the summer season. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 26-05-2023

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