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Ias Ferndale – What We Are EP [Polyptych]

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Polyptych splits the month of February by welcoming Ias Ferndale to the label for his debut EP. Based in Berlin, the German artist has a sound that sits comfortably in the space between progressive house and melodic techno. It's a sound that has led him to releases via Elastic Dimension, Gentlemen Lounge Records and most recently Soundteller Records, where he contributed a track to the label's popular 'Vibrant Vibeland' series. Now continuing to build momentum, Ias steps up for his first Polyptych release entitled 'What We Are'.

Beginning with 'Lost In The Dark' Ias collaborates with M .KOUSS on a timeless melodic journey. From a broken beat intro it's nostalgic musicality is evident. Soulful strums and mysterious vocal elements pave the wave for a fluid key changing bassline and wavy melodic structures. Growing with each successive loop, the first act builds anticipation in waves, eventually segueing into an expansive break. Spanning well over a minute in length, the centrepiece only adds to it's impassioned appeal, as hopeful overlays marry choppy percussion and sweeping noise on wards to an enlightening finale.

The companion piece finds Ias operating solo and going a bit darker on 'Inside Your Brain'. Commanding a large presence from the outset it's muscular groove and crunchy rhythms unite for powerful drive across the first act. Fragmented vocals once again strike at timely moments as astral arps fade in and out of the stereo field. Adding a quirkier flair, the main break layers wavy arps to mind bending effect, as muted beats rise and a rush of noise sparks an electric finale. Sitting as an equally impressive complement to it's predecessor, it rounds out what is an excellent Polyptych debut for Ias Ferndale. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3dm8EGk

Release Date: 19-02-2021

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