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Ian Mayer – Summer Breeze [Balkan Connection]

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Ian Meyer - Summer Breeze [Balkan Connection]

The latest release from Balkan Connection welcomes Ian Mayer back to the label for a brand new single. The Russian artist last appeared on the Serbian imprint in December of 2015 with his 'Riviera' EP in conjunction with Nick Koplan. Now following a release on label subsidiary BC2, Ian returns to Balkan Connection with a new single entitled 'Summer Breeze'.

The original mix comes in with a great old school vibe, powered by a galloping groove and shuffly percussion. A simple rhythmic theme adds nicely to its overall bounce and flow while airy harmonics bring a subtle trail of emotion in the background. After stripping right down the main break builds nicely with firing percussion and a smooth drop leading to a lovely finale.

Balkan Connection artist Ewan Rill provides the first remix and once again shows why he's one of the most tried and tested names in the progressive underground. In lowering the tempo and revamping the groove, Ewan has given the track a completely different feel. The simple lead has been reprocessed into something a bit more wonky and modern while the percussion also gets beefed up a touch. Two breaks make for a great second act, shifting energy at timely moments and never losing sight of the dance floor. Great remix from Ewan.

The release concludes with Following Light returning to the label for his 19th appearance. The Ukrainian artist and Inmost Records label boss brings a tough, yet dreamy vibe here with spacey motifs and strong rhythmic drive. The main elements sit sincerely amidst an atmospheric haze while sheets of white noise bring waves of intensity throughout. Definitely the biggest and meanest remix on the package which ends the release off on a strong note.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2fUUXmz
Release Date: 09-10-2017

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