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I Am Wolter – Merciful Lord [Stellar Fountain]

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Stellar Fountain presents a unique project welcoming I Am Wolter to the label for his debut EP alongside remixes from Ampish and Kymatik. Based in Morocco, Oussama El Alami aka I Am Wolter has crafted a broad spectrum of music over the last five years. Various styles of Deep House and Electronica feature on his soundcloud, all coming with either a uniquely quirky or laid back soulful style. Now getting to showcase his talents, Stellar Fountain presents two of those fine productions as part of his 'Merciful Lord' EP.

Beginning with the title selection we get a mid tempo, cross cultural gem. Deep and organic, it's a smooth, meditative journey complete with exotic drums, spiritual vocals and tranquil arps. The main break resets the narrative before a final act of soulful instrumentation seals it's brilliance. The companion piece 'Bazaar Winds' follows suit with a similar blend of motifs. Groovy, musical and wonderfully mystical, it’s an exotic journey into the depths of deep organic house. It’s subtle warmth radiates such positivity and with two tastefully intertwined narratives it’s very easy to lose yourself in it’s free flowing story.

The remixes bring the lead piece 'Merciful Lord' closer to the dance floor beginning with Ampish who makes his label debut. The Egyptian artist remains one of progressive music's most talented producers and lays claim to releases on Cid Inc's Replug Records, Balkan Connection, Movement Recordings and Soundteller Records. Now making his first appearance on Hungary's finest, Ampish ups the tempo to the 120 range while translating the main themes over a tough yet organic framework. It's spacious quality allows those transcendent motifs to flow through the piece beautifully, while never losing sight of the dance floor.

Rounding out the release with the second and final interpretation of 'Merciful Lord' is Kymatik who makes his second appearance on the label. Since debuting the Kymatik alias, Torsten Fassbender of Wellenrausch fame has found a home on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music, Afterglow, Balance Music, Beat Boutique and MNL. Now returning to Stellar Fountain following a remix of Feemarx's 'Um Uno One' earlier this year Kymatik caps the release off with a superb take on 'Merciful Lord'. Sitting in the creative space between melodic techno and progressive house, the German artist drifts further away from the mood of the original with a tight, astral construction that's a delight for both the mind and feet. Warped and wonky in all the right ways, it’s crunchy rhythms and spastic arps play off each other beautifully while epic overlays bring just the right ethereal touch. A creative gem of a remix from Kymatik which rounds out an excellent release for Stellar Fountain once again. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2pr7L97

Release Date: 04-11-2019

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