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Golan Zocher ft. Rona (IL) – Ready to Fly [Clubsonica Records]

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Clubsonica Records opens the fall season by welcoming Golan Zocher back to the label for a new single. The Colombian born, Israel based artist makes progressive music that breaks boundaries, moves feet and twists minds. Since making his label debut in 2017, Golan has found a comfortable home on Clubsonica, releasing two remixes and a single across two calendar years. Also finding a home on Beatfreak, Or Two Strangers and Proton Music, Golan now lands back on Clubsonica with a new single entitled Ready to Fly', alongside remixes from Navar and Stereo Underground.

Beginning with the original mix, it is Golan's masterstroke to collaborate and introduce the sublime vocals of Rona. Hailing from Israel and an artist of profound talent, she injects the piece with authentic soul and emotion, as Golan's warm grooves and impassioned musicality provide the perfect dance floor vehicle. Rona's breathy wails come in waves, effortlessly drifting through a forest of detailed percussion and tranquil tonal themes, before reaching a serene and spiritually uplifting apex across the second of two breaks and a powerful finale.

Making his label debut and providing the first interpretation of Ready to Fly' is Navar. As one of the underground's most creative talents the Dutch artist has shaped a sound all his own. His emotive musicality and organic design have led to signings on Guy J's Lost and Found Records, Hernan Cattaneo's Sudbeat Music, Nick Warren's Hope Recordings and Cid Inc's Replug Records. Now fresh off his Land of Caya' EP for Belgium's EDGE, Navar makes his Clubsonica debut with an inspired rendition of Ready to Fly'. Spanning ten magical minutes, Navar's consciousness-expanding conversion of musical ideas resonates on a profound level, as he effortlessly melds rugged dance floor minded grooves with fiery percussion and otherworldly effects. Reprocessed for aural enlightenment, Rona's vocals drift across the rumbling framework, weaving their way through an unpredictable array of atmospheric swells and melodic fragments before an expansive break spearheads an enlightening apex and intergalactic finale.

The release concludes with Stereo Underground also making his label debut and providing the final interpretation of Ready to Fly'. Famed for releases on Balance Music, Beat Boutique, Lost and Found, Sudbeat and UV, the Israeli artist sits firmly in progressive music's elite class of producers. Also, a favourite of the genre's premiere tastemakers, Stereo Underground has a long list of supporters, including Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Guy J and John OO Fleming. Now in a year that has seen the Tel Aviv resident release just one remix he makes his Clubsonica debut with a stylish rendition of Ready to Fly'. Carried by an indie inspired framework, Stereo Underground juxtaposes Rona's spirited wails over broken beats, striking stabs and hopeful atmospherics. Coming to full fruition across a two-minute break, the vocal narrative continues to expand, working in perfect unison with meditative melodies and rising modulation, eventually reaching a tasteful crescendo as the groove drops for a thumping conclusion. Also included for the less vocally inclined is an instrumental version which adds further depth and variety to the release. It rounds out a welcome return to Clubsonica for Golan Zocher, who continues to be one of progressive music's most beloved and sought-after artists.

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Release Date: 01-10-2021

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