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German Angeleri – Mental Labyrinth / Toes To Bar [Beat Boutique]

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German Angeleri debuts on DJ Zombi's Beat Boutique with 'Mental Labyrinth / Toes To Bar'. Based in Buenos Aires, the Argentinean artist first appeared on the progressive scene in 2013 with a contribution to 3rd Avenue's 'We Are The Future' compilation. Subsequent releases for Balkan Connection South America, PHW Elements and Stellar Fountain established him as a top up and comer. Now embarking on the most anticipated release of his career he lands on Beat Boutique with a two track EP.

The release begins with the bright and vibrant 'Mental Labyrinth'. Given it's cosmic allure and myriad of astral designs it's certainly an apt title. For how mentally stimulating it is though it still comes off remarkably groovy, with a beefy low end and punchy kicks bringing copious amounts of momentum. German flexes his skills during the main break with a narrative of effects and atmospheres that come together for an amazing blend of colour and sound, definitely a highlight and one which perfectly preludes a groovy drop.

The companion piece 'Toes To Bar' is a bit more subversive in theme but no less powerful overall. Ominous at points and esoteric at others, it's sleek underbelly is hugely hypnotic, while smooth chord changes and percussive splashes keep things lively. The narrative evolves during the main break, presenting something much more heady and tripped out. The piece's rhythmic prowess remains however and effortlessly segues into a stellar finale. It rounds out two unique and inspired productions from German, likely the best of his career thus far. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2YW1YnG

Release Date: 12-08-2019

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