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Gaston Ponte – Tribute [Balkan Connection]

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Gaston Ponte returns to Balkan Connection this week for a new EP entitled 'Tribute'. The Argentinean artist has been one of the progressive scene's fastest rising talents over the last year. Support from Hernan Cattaneo along with releases on Auditen Music, One Of A Kind, Soundteller Records and Stellar Fountain have all been well received. Now following his remix for Agustin Lupidi, Gaston returns to Balkan Connection for his debut EP alongside remixes from Tomek and Christian Monique.

The title and showcase piece ‘Tribute’ leads the release off with a dark yet emotive vibe. Anchored by a tough, punchy groove it’s an evolving atmospheric storyboard which first captures your imagination. Delicate melodic themes, fiery stabs and meandering arps just add to it’s enigmatic nature before eventually melting down to a bed of buzzing electronics and vocal fragments, perfectly setting up a powerful re-entry. The companion piece ‘False’ finds Gaston crafting a moody, pure progressive creation which shows another strong side of his sonic repertoire. Tough, full bodied kicks, shuffling percussion and a murky atmospheric complement make for a mystical vibe, perfectly complementing ‘Tribute’ in a way. Not without emotive moments, the piece transitions into a hopeful, almost cinematic break, before descending textures and bright tones set up a smooth finale.

The lone interpretation of "Tribute' is provided by Tomek who makes his label debut following releases on Grrreat Recordings, ICONYC Limited and John OO Fleming's JOOF Recordings. The Hungarian artist ups the tempo for a smooth slice of progressive house with some notable trance overtones. Warm, open and tastefully melodic the first act runs like a fluid storyboard. It's this widescreen appeal that leads to a short but tension filled break, melting down to muted kicks and powerful electronics before a clever transition unleashes those bulbous beats for an exhilarating finale.

The release concludes with Christian Monique providing the lone interpretation of 'False'. Sitting as a lovely complement to the original the Italy based artist takes the edge off for a floaty yet still incredibly groovy interpretation. Buzzing synths add just the right amount of tension as they cut through melodic clouds and effervescent textures, before reaching a heavenly apex following a timely break. A superb remix from Christian which rounds out an awesome EP from Gaston Ponte, who continues to be one of Argentina's top up and coming talents. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2Gv253D

Release Date: 22-04-2019

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