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Gaston Ponte – Stereo [Mirabilis Records]

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Alex Nemec’s Mirabilis Records rounds out 2018 by welcoming Gaston Ponte to the label for his debut EP. A much talked about name in the progressive underground, the Argentinean artist has delivered quality work this year with releases on Auditen Music, Soundteller Records and Stellar Fountain being the most notable. Now landing on the currently surging Mirabilis, Gaston presents his ‘Stereo’ EP.

As Gaston has evolved as an artist he’s found a unique balance between pure progressive house and melodic techno. The lead selection ‘Stereo’ sticks to that ethos with a robust, rolling groove and a variety of intriguing synth motifs. Quirky and a touch brooding it’s esoteric qualities are both unique and inspired, ultimately coming to a head during a melancholic break which sits as the emotive core of the composition.

The companion piece ‘Bass D’ is equally compelling with a similarly unique storyboard. Distinctive stabs and a bubbly, effervescent arp play nicely across it’s tough beats and buoyant groove. Flurries of claps and a billowing vocal add further drama before a short but impactful break sends the piece into overdrive. It rounds out two stunning creations from Gaston who is definitely an artist to keep a close eye on in 2019. A great signing for Alex Nemec and Mirabilis Records.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2E48xym

Release Date: 03-12-2018

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