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Gabriel Nery – El Camino [Dopamine Music]

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The latest release from Nikko.Z's Dopamine Music welcomes Gabriel Nery to the label for his debut EP. Hailing from Misiones/Buenos Aires, the Argentinean artist has been a firm favourite of Hernan Cattaneo over the last three years. The legendary DJ has charted and played a multitude of Gabriel's tracks but none have ever been officially released. Now embarking on his first official project, Gabriel presents his debut EP entitled 'El Camino'.

Spread across three tracks it's the title piece 'El Camino' which gets the release underway. Anchored by punchy beats and a bed of melodious bass, the framework gets adorned with silky harmonics and organic percussion. As rousing motifs develop, it's radiant storyboard sucks you in, before stripping down into a cavernous break with a subtle yet impassioned vibe, perfectly setting up a tepid drop.

The second selection 'Walking Between Mountains' shifts the mood with darker electronics and a deliberate groove. Chugging and rugged from the outset it's dramatic tone is perfectly dialled for the dance floor. Stripping down into the second act a wave of serenity descends over the cavernous interlude as heartfelt harmonics take you on a blissful journey back to the powerful groove.

The release concludes with 'White Rose' which continues the dark, mysterious narrative. The tempo and drive shift up a gear while waves of percussion and a tight rhythmic core resonate throughout the eight minute journey. The main break is perhaps the highlight with lovely progression and a heightened sense of emotion, perfectly setting up a massive drop where the intricate details really shine.

A stunning debut EP from Gabriel Nery who is no doubt a name you're going to be hearing a lot more from in the future.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2Ptn2y2

Release Date: 27-08-2017

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