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Fredek Lev – Introspective [Port 81 Records]

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The latest release from Port 81 Records finds the label showcasing a new EP from Fredek Lev. Hailing from Santiago de Cali, the Colombian artist is one of the founding members of Port 81 and is revitalizing his production career after two appearances on The Room Records in 2015 and 2016. Now showcasing a fresh approach to progressive music, Fredek presents his much anticipated ‘Introspective’ EP alongside a remix from DJ Fronter.

Spread across three tracks it’s the title and showcase piece ‘Introspective’ which leads the release off. Moody and engaging from the outset, it’s pulsating beats and dramatic chord stabs make for a spirited first act. The narrative shifts further into the subconscious as the break begins with a striking tonal theme and nostalgic overlays perfectly setting up a classy drop.

The second selection ‘Allegra’ comes in more playful and melodic in nature. The tempo shifts down a touch while it’s buoyant groove and rhythmic core carries a wobbly, floor friendly bounce. A tantalizing lead motif resonates brightly throughout, carrying a short but impactful break and ultimately leading to a smooth, funky finale.

The third and final selection ‘Running’ comes back to more of a pure progressive state of mind. Anchored by a chugging groove and rolling rhythms it’s a head bobbing affair from the outset. Deeply hypnotic yet unabashedly energetic, it’s a sleek creation with a variety of reflective moments. The time away appears to have sparked a creative resurgence in Fredek who has presented rich and inspired work here. Definitely an artist to keep a close eye on moving forward.

The lone interpretation of ‘Running’ is provided by DJ Fronter who is making his label debut. The Colombian artist has a rich history in electronic music, highlighted by releases on Stereo Productions, Toolroom, Younan Music and more top notch imprints. His unique take on tech house has been moving dance floors for over a decade and he delivers another wonderful production here to close the release out in style. Stripping the track down to its rhythmic core and upping the tempo has given the piece an entirely new feel. A spacious lead theme adds a distinctly modern vibe while waves of atmosphere add just the right emotional touch. A brilliant interpretation from DJ Fronter which rounds out an excellent release on Port 81 Records. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2p1Z40Z

Release Date: 17-09-2018

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