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Feature: Victor Ruiz [Interview + Podcast]

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From the depths of the Brazilian electronic music scene – specifically São Paulo – emerges a frank and authentic artist. The integrity and certainty when throwing down Victor Ruiz beats makes it easy to know that he’s landed in a DJ booth. They say that his techno sound has finally found it’s more seductive side. “From Brazil with love” read the title of that interview where he caught the attention with his qualities always supporting super fresh sounds, with fewer grooves. From then on he has been compared to artists like Maceo Plex. Over time Victor Ruiz has grown, not only his production skills but also in his sets, a breath of fresh air to the listener.

Hi Victor, thanks for joining us today, how are you and where in the world are you at the moment?
I’m fine thanks! How are you?
I’m home, in São Paulo, about to go to my boxing class.

We are doing great, thanks for asking! 2017 had to be your busiest and most successful year to date, looking back on it what stands out for you? What were some of the most memorable gigs and key productions which made it such a banner year?
I think it was balance. The balance between being focused in my productions and gigs and letting go a little bit some aspects in life. I can’t tell you the best gig because I had so many amazing ones last year and also I did so many releases I love that it’s impossible to pick one - all of them were important.

There’s no denying techno music has gotten bigger as more commercial forms of electronic music have faded. What is your opinion on the state of techno at the moment?
I think it’s super trendy and that’s why are so many artists playing and producing it. It has both sides. The good is that now we have amazing artists headlining festivals around the globe and more people are listening to Techno. The not so good part is that most of the new producers are making the same sounds. Either you have the banging-peak time sound, with the same formula, or you have the “only-arpeggios-melodic”. This sucks, man. People are not creative anymore. They should think outside the box for change. Thank God there are still some really good and creative producers out there and they keep the ball rolling.

Although you are a techno artist I do hear some rock or perhaps even metal influences in your production. Where do your early influences lie? And do other genres outside of electronic influence your production today?
You are right! I’m a metalhead! I was born in a Rock ‘n’ Roll and Heavy Metal environment. My big brother and my mom were always listening to it and that’s where my music background comes from.  It was always The Beatles, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Queen, to name a few. Of course all of these bands have influence on me until today, but the bands/artists that more influence me these days in my music are Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, System Of A Down, and The Beatles.

Your first production of 2018 has just been released, a new remix of Olivier Giacomotto on Noir. We hear it’s been doing going down really well in your sets, tell us about how you approached that remix and the production process behind it.
Noir came to me and offered to remix the track. I told him “give me some time to think and I’ll see if I can do”. It’s a track I played a lot some years ago, and I really like it. So it was pretty organic the way I did the remix. Big fat kickdrum and some crazy synths on top of it.

Brazil has become known for its thriving techno scene, not only because of the talent pool there in terms of producers like yourself but also it’s club and festival scene. How has techno evolved in the country over the last few years and what do you see happening in the future? Is there anything which could improve the nightlife there?
Techno is growing stronger in Brazil. It’s a fact. The future is unclear though, because the electronic scene here is very unstable, and this market is always changing very quickly.

What could be improved is the club, parties and festivals to invest in different artists, different names on the bill. There are always the same people playing on the same festivals/parties. There are only a few promoters that understand that here and are always changing.

As your popularity has soared you’re travelling more than ever, it certainly sounds glamorous but I can imagine at times it must take a toll on the body. Are there any special things you do to take care of yourself when on these long tours?
I always try to eat healthy and make exercises. When I’m in São Paulo I go to the gym five times a week and also train boxing three times a week. I also meditate everyday. To keep the mind and the body healthy is more important than we imagine.

Who are some up and coming Brazilian artists to look out for?
Any Mello, Kalil, Andre Salata, Victor Enzo, Against The Time, Paulo Foltz.


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