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Feature: Ran Salman [Interview]

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With releases on esteemed imprints such as Atlant, Movement, Sudam and Nick Warren’s The Soundgarden, Ran Salman has become become one of his Israel's most exciting electronic music talents. We had a chance to catch up with the Tel Aviv resident on the cusp of a new EP for DJ Zombi's Beat Boutique Records. Enjoy!

Hi Ran, thanks for sitting with us today! Tell us, what does a studio day look like for you?

Hi, thanks for having me. I usually like to work in the studio in the mornings, If I had an idea before arriving to the studio I start by recording it and trying to come up with something cool, otherwise I start my studio session by listening to recent tracks I have in progress and decide what to work on.

What’s been on your to-do list this week?

Finish some new tracks, working on my custom midi controller called SALMANiZER. It will be ready soon and will be a big weapon in my live sets.

Tell us more about your story. How did you discover electronic music and what led you down the path of wanting to be a producer and Dj?

When I was very young I was really into computers and my cousin gave me a software called ‘Scream Tracker’, it was a DAW even before there was Windows operating system on computers, I really liked the ability to create my own music, I was playing guitar back then so I had some musical background and it was something I decided I really want to do, later when I started going out I was fascinated by the world of nightclubs and decided I should learn how to DJ too.

At which club or event did you experience electronic music for the first time and what memories have stuck with you from that moment?

It was a club called Haoman 17 in Jerusalem. it was pretty famous club back then, a lot of international DJs played there. I was totally amazed by the energy the atmosphere and the sound, I felt at home right away.

Can you name three tracks that were influential in your musical development?

 I had 4 in mind :-)

  1. Pink Floyd - Breath
  2. Sasha - Xpander
  3. Three Drives On A Vinyl - Greece 2000
  4. Silvio Ecomo - Standing

Israel is well known for its love of electronic music. How has growing up and living there shaped your sound and career?

Israel is well known for having a big trance scene, I think that because of that I have a lot of psy-trance elements in my productions, same goes to the middle eastern motives I use.

Who are some up and coming Israeli artists to look out for?

  1. Shai T
  2. Made in TLV
  3. Yost Cohen

You’ve been releasing music for a while now and you’ve been supported by some of the most reputable DJs so does hearing a DJ you admire playing your track or giving praise via feedback still feel as good as it did early in your career?

Always, these things makes me feel good every time !

The industry and how fans discover new music has changed dramatically in the last 10 years or so. How do you discover new music nowadays?

Usually by social networks, Beatport, Spotify...

Your productions are quite unique, some can be more afro inspired and some are more on the melodic house tip. Is this versatility something you strive for in the studio and what do you want your music to convey to the listener?

Yes, I try to combine afro or oriental elements with more melodic ones, I want the listener to be able to feel a journey. I think that the best example is my track ‘Through The Woods’ which was released last year on Atlant.

it is a journey into the wild, where the recorded drums and shamanic voices are surrounding the listener, the breakdown feels like a movie scene and it all explode in the drop.I tried to visualize that in a video version I did - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRKiM1zo1Cs

I think for a lot of artists music allows you to write a sketch of your own personal universe in a way; your travels, life experiences etc. Is this something which is true for yourself? Where does inspiration come from?

Inspiration can come to me in all sorts of ways, a random sound from the street, a beautiful painting or a photo, music I listen to and so on.

You have a new EP out this week on DJ Zombi's Beat Boutique. Tell us a bit about how you approached the project and why the label was a good home for these tracks?

I tried to be a bit crazy and break the norms with these tracks and the result was very good, the sound of these tracks are a bit more progressive than my usual sound, Beat Boutique is one of the most promising progressive house labels to look out for and I thought it will be a good match.

When working on music is the dance floor always something that’s taken into consideration? Or does a certain vibe or flow sometimes transcend that?

Well most of my tracks are dance floor oriented but sometimes I like to do other things, it really depends on my mood. In the past I was producing only world / chillout music so sometimes I am attracted to these directions.

How much of an influence does music outside of the electronic spectrum have on you?

A lot, I grew up on classic rock, 80s and some blues. I still listen to Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, Radiohead and still find inspiration every time.

Is there a movie you would have loved to have produced the soundtrack for? And if so why?

Yes! Troy, one of my goals is to compose music for film and tv, especially for war / action genre. And maybe the best answer to this question is music I did in this style - https://soundcloud.com/ransalman/sets/compositions

Is there a side of yourself which you wish to explore more in your upcoming projects?

Yes, right now I’m more focused on EPs but I would really like to produce an album and explore a variety of genres, especially the ones I grew up on, But regardless of that I try to go out of my “comfort zone” in my productions.

Most artists go through periods of creative blocks, what do you do to help break through these moments?

Just clear my mind, try to stop being stressed about that, listen to all kinds of music, go to the beach and chill. I also noticed that in these times nothing I try to produce sounds good to my ears but if I listen to these sketches a few weeks after then most of them sounds great.

Describe one or some of the best sets you’ve played in your career. Where was the venue and how was the vibe? Do you often feel inspired to make music after being on the road?

One of my best moments was in Krasnodar, Russia on 27/1/18 at Sahar Club (CAXAP) Birthday, it was an amazing club with a great soundsystem, I played 3 hours DJ Set and the energy and atmosphere were amazing, definitely one for the books.

Sometimes I have a big inspiration to produce or write some melodies even on the airplane, sometimes in the hotel room. But the most comfortable place for me is my studio were I feel “at home”.

There are a lot of factors which affect the perception of an artist other than his music these days, social media for one, how much emphasis do you put on stuff like this? and what are your thoughts on the current state of the industry?

Well the social media changed a lot for good and for bad, I still think that the music should be the key factor if an artist is good or not. For me personally I feel that since I develop and build my own instruments and use them to perform in my live shows makes me stand out from other artists.

Looking back over your discography, which one of your very first tracks still puts a smile on your face when you listen to it now, and why?

  • My track ‘Dirty Love’ with Damon Trueitt - I was really into disco these days and the result was amazing, it’s such a gem!
  • My track ‘Fractured Memories’ - Was the first track that I used my vocals, everything there is truly deep and emotional.

Current five favorite tracks?

  1. Innellea - We Thrive
  2. Fideles - The Secret Of Eos
  3. EarthLife - La Verita Del Tempo
  4. &lez - Iride
  5. Fur Coat - Ethereal

Apart from music, what makes you happiest?

My family.

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year and to begin 2020? Any releases or special dates we should be looking out for?

Well I have a couple of things I’m building for my live shows, one of them is a custom midi controller with a step sequencer that I really can’t wait to finish and show it,  I have a lot of unreleased tracks that I finished lately and all of them sound excellent but I didn’t try to sign them yet so expect to hear them soon in 2020.

'Force Majeure / Escape' is out now on Beat Boutique, you can purchase the release here: https://bit.ly/2X4Q9MH

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