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Feature: Alexis Tyrel [Interview]

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Fresh off the release of 'One Eye On The Past One On The Future' (Part 04) we catch up Dutch artist Alexis Tyrel as he charts the course for future offerings on his Lessismore imprint.

Hi Alexis, how are you? Autumn is here – are you someone who likes this season? Does it affect the music you make?

At the moment I am not doing so well, having some long time health issues. But the season is fine, not to cold, so ok for me.

You have a new EP 'One Eye On The Past One On The Future' (Part 04) out now on Lessismore, tell us about how these three tracks came together for the release and walk us through the production on your favourite from the EP. 

The first thing to say is that the “One Eye On The Past One On The Future” is a Serie concept with a theme, like the title suggest. So it should combine these factors. Having said this, the production process in my case, is somewhat looking back on things and giving them a new place, finishing them and giving them a new sound. The selections process of picking these track is somewhat more random. My favourite track of this EP is Disonant Harmony, there are more of this track style to be found on the upcoming parts.

After a bit of a quiet period you've had a surge of new material on Lessismore, why the sudden influx of new music?

There is always a lot on the shelfs but having health problems, it has been hard to get stuff out. So with the string of releases, I hope the bad is left behind.

Is there a side or sound of yourself which you wish to explore more in your upcoming projects?

I try to go with the flow in music, so it is hard to say what is gonna happen, but looking at the process. I think it is logical, that sometimes you have to stick to a sound and keep exploring it until you find that one track you have been unconsciously searching for.

With the barriers to production at an all-time low for many people, and the availability of studio software so easy, do you feel it has had a negative impact on the electronic music market?

If struggle is necessary in creating great music maybe one can assume that the lack of barriers have a negative influence on the quality of music. Although struggle can also be a factor in ones personal life. I can tell you, I am experiencing barriers at all fronts, so lets see what comes out.

How much road testing is done before you’re ready to say a track is finished?

Road testing, nice! I can tell you that at a certain point after a break of 7 year I wanted to get back into music. I had a good job, so no lack of money or so. In that moment I decided not to invest in a new studio because that was never part of the Lessismore philosophy.  So I bought myself the biggest badest German car I could afford to listen to my music on the road. So all tracks are road tested.

How important are track titles to you? Do they hold a special significance with each track you release?

Track title are important to me, the track titles are somewhat of a notes to myself. This gives me an archive to my own thoughts. You can see it as part of my diary. :)

Does any production work get done on the road?

No, for me music is a home thing. I like to chill out in the studio and not have anything distract me. But having said this, I can tell you that my studio spot had to be sold and I have to find a new one. So maybe my music production process will has to change.

What’s a piece of gear that always gets used when you’re writing a track?

Sorry I never really answer the question what gear I use. I know people find it interesting but at I do not like to share this. I can tell you, I do not really have a big fancy studio, only a big fancy car.

Do you follow a certain routine before playing a show?

Because of my health issues I have not been doing shows. What I have been doing is helping other artists. This gives me satisfaction, while I am unable to focus on myself.

You must have a healthy vinyl collection, name a few of your favourites and why they stand out for you.

Because the studio is moving, I had to pack all my vinyl. I decided than, I was gonna take some time to listen to my records again. Some of the records I used to play back in the day and I still like, but “never” will play in an Alexis Tyrel dj set.

Missing Channel – Legion Of Hunger, a very nice monotone drive and for me a classic feeling by one of the great techno hero’s!

Anthony Rother – Destroy Him My Robots, minimalist electro, I like to play this as loud as possible in the car, people looking strange as they do not know this music. Sorry I live in Eindhoven.

The Mover & Rave Creator – Atmos Fear. Unfortunately I have found myself into a serious fight with  nasty corporation and this is the track that I play in my mind when getting in the ring with them. Please listen to the vocal in this track.

Carl Orff – Carmina Burana – I got this record from an old friend of my mother, I had the remix by Apotheosis called O Fortune which was a 1 hit in the Netherland before it was banned. I remember playing this track when dj-ing with MBC more than a decade a go on a big festival where we played a smaller area near the mainstage. When playing it our area exploded!

Dj Jan - X Santo (Angel Remix) , at a certain moment I had a transition period, I was a hardcore dj but the scene was getting commercial which I hated. Strangely enough I got into trance. This track I will always remember from a moment I experienced in church. At that time, I was in big group of friends and one of us died, he was very young. At his funeral they played his favorite track, therefore this became a classic within our group and when playing this, I can only imagine everyone of us thinks of Pierre.

Taking music out of the equation, what other factors are important in becoming a successful DJ? How much do things like image and of course social media matter?

I do not like social media. It just does fit my life philosophy. I use SoundCloud that is it! Becoming a successful dj, that is a difficult question, what is successful, being a great dj, earning lots of money or having lots of followers/ like on social media. I would say to become a successful dj, practice dj-ing as much as you can, do not look at the crowd too much having gigs and focus on playing a great dj set you get into in that moment. When the crowd really likes it, you will hear them loud over the records you are playing.

Looking back over your discography what release or track holds the best memories for you and is there a correlation between that track and how successful you are today?

Measuring my success at this moment the meter with be below zero. I am experiencing so may troubles at this time. But that was not really the question was it now. The success I had was not created by one single track, my career was build on consistent dedication and hard work and being the bad motherfucker.  I can only say that corporate and office life has made me weak and that it is time to be a  bad motherfucker again.

If you weren’t making music, what can you imagine yourself doing for a living? Any hidden skills that might surprise us?

It would be an activist. But one that works in the dark with a small group of like minded people.

What are 5 big tracks you’re currently playing right now?

Not playing anything at the moment.

What can we expect from you and Lessismore in 2020?

No expectations! The just focusing on hope off getting my health back and keeping the long over due promises, and thus finally getting the planned releases out .

One Eye On The Past One On The Future' (Part 04) is out now on Lessismore, you can purchase the release here: https://bit.ly/2Yyhyr6

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