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False Intentions – Nightshift [Deepwibe Underground]

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Deepwibe Underground continues a strong summer season by welcoming False Intentions back to the label for a new EP. As a primary contributor to the Estonian imprint in it's early stages, the UK artist has recorded four EPs and a remix in just over eighteen months for the label. With a sound that has garnered support from both melodic house & techno and progressive house DJs, False Intentions now returns following a year long hiatus with 'Nightshift' alongside a remix from Katrin Souza.

Spread across four tracks it’s the melodic sounds of 'Florence' which get the EP underway. Hopeful and groovy from the outset, it’s warm beats and fluid rhythms provide momentous drive, while smooth chord changes, haunting vocal pads and arpeggiated fragments fill in the framework. Stripping down into the main break, wavy arps and shape-shifting vocals unite for a spine tingling rush, eventually getting washed away into the melodious groove, only to re-emerge for an emotive finale.

The journey continues with the title selection 'Nightshift' which follows a similar sonic ethos but with a deeper mood and greater dance floor appeal. Beginning with tepid beats and warm, free flowing bass, it’s rhythmic appeal quickly captures your imagination. Waves of detailed percussion and haunting shades then descend over the framework, as a misty backdrop continues to build tension. Void of any primary musical theme, this is production that excels on rhythm and groove, subtly building with timely transitions and tasteful effects across a concise six minute running time.

The third and final original ‘Collateral Damage’ follows suit with more emotive lines and gorgeous vocal elements. Smooth and groovy from the outset, it’s chugging low end comes off a bit more housey than the previous selections, providing momentous swing as a result, while cascading tones and airy sonics provide a lovely top line. Once again clocking in at just under six minutes, it gets the job done in short order, putting a reflective vibe on the EP's flow, while a tasteful break sets up a groovy finale.

The lone interpretation of ‘Nightshift’ is provided by Katrin Souza who returns to the label for her second appearance. The Russian artist has been a fixture of the progressive music underground for nearly a decade and has showcased her music via Droid9, Silk Digital, Intricate Records, Saturate Audio, Freegrant and Manual Music. Having remixed The Cobb's 'Pain Reliever' for Deepwibe Underground in November of last year, Katrin now returns with a gorgeous rendition of 'Nightshift'. Opting for a more spacious approach, the Russian artist focuses on a strong percussive narrative and a pitch bending tonal theme, resulting in a great and more house oriented complement to the original. Timeless in design and execution, this is just a joy to listen to, the vocal elements work amazingly well throughout, adding depth and emotion without losing the track's timeless appeal, which is ultimately it's strongest suit. A classy remix from Katrin which caps off a welcome return for False Intentions who presents some of his best ever work here. Don't miss it.

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Release Date: 09-07-2021

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