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F-Act – Whirlpool 2017 Edition Part 1 [LuPS Records]

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F-Act - Whirlpool 2017 Edition Part 1 [LuPS Records]

The latest release on LuPS Records finds the label showcasing new interpretations of F-Act's 'Whirlpool'. Originally released in March of 2012 it has become not only a classic of the Swiss artist but also a highlight in the Dutch labels discography. Still holding a place in F-Act's Beatport Top 10 best sellers it was a defining moment in the career of the Swiss artist. As progressive house continues to enjoy a resurgence of sorts LuPS has chosen the perfect time to showcase a remastered version of the original along with new interpretations from Loquai, Höhnflug and Analog Effect.

There are few in the progressive house underground with a longer more extensive discography than Loquai. The Russian born, German based artist has contributed immensely to the genre over his 10 year career and is more than an excellent choice to update 'Whirlpool'. Although the tempo remains at the original 128 BPM, Loquai brings a much groovier sensibility to the track with a spacious, chugging bass line and gorgeous arps. There's a scenic feel to the production, quite reflective in tone and that ultimately is its charm as warm atmospheres carry this feeling perfectly. 

Next up Höhnflug makes his debut on the label and provides a deep and emotive rendition of 'Whirlpool'. Bringing the tempo down to 120 has put the piece in an entirely different sonic space. Backed by warm, well textured bass stabs it's an absolute delight for the senses as velvety synths and creamy electronics meld together for a poignant storyboard. The main break is perhaps the most heartrending moment, crafted to perfection with just the right amount of detail and restraint before a gorgeous drop brings the production home.

The release concludes with Analog Effect returning to the label for their 19th appearance. The Dutch duo have been a staple of the LuPS roster since making their debut in September of 2011. Now following releases on MNL, Bullfinch and Bonzai, Analog Effect returns to LuPS with a great rendition of 'Whirlpool'. Stylistically it sits nicely between the Loquai and Höhnflug versions with its smooth, exhilarating drive and catchy rhythms leading the way. A timeless masterpiece from the much loved Dutch duo and one you're likely to be hearing a lot in the coming months. A great re-issue from ever reliable LuPS records with three brand new interpretations that pull it into 2017 wonderfully. Don't miss it.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2hxRIPt
Release Date: 30-10-2017

Release Promo: http://releasepromo.com

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