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Ezequiel Denenberg – Soul Words [Clubsonica Records]

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The 38th release from Clubsonica Records welcomes Ezequiel Denenberg to the label for his debut single. Based in Buenos Aires, the Argentinean artist has found a home on Sound Avenue's 3rd Avenue imprint where he showcased his unique take on progressive music in 2016. Now presenting his first new music of 2017, Ezequiel makes his much anticipated Clubsonica debut with 'Soul Words' alongside remixes from Erdi Irmak, Ezequiel Anile and Stage Van H.

Ezequiel has spent the better part of 2017 retooling his sound and 'Soul Words' showcases this beautifully. Deep and groovy from the outset, it's a piece built on timeless motifs and enchanting soundscapes. Subtle arps ebb and flow through the framework as waves of drums and vibrant electronics steal the air. A soulful break serves as the perfect centrepiece, oozing class as delicate modulation builds anticipation for a buzzing finale.

The first interpretation of 'Soul Words' is provided by Erdi Irmak. The Turkish artist made his debut on the Colombian imprint in January of this year with an excellent remix of 'Analog' by Michael A. Subsequent releases on Cid Inc's Replug Records, Sound Avenue and ICONYC has made for an incredible year. Now returning to Clubsonica Erdi provides a superb rendition of 'Soul Words' taking the track into his own world of trippy electronics. Coming in deeper and more melancholic it sits as a perfect complement to the original. It's stripped framework serves as the perfect backdrop for Erdi's organic drums and wistful motifs. Delicate in design, yet emotionally powerful this is one for the dreamers out there.

The second interpretation of 'Soul Words' is provided by Ezequiel Anile. His unique take on progressive house has found its way into the sets of Hernan Cattaneo and his 'Soul Words' interpretation looks set for a similar fate. Also taking a deeper route, Ezequiel carries the main themes from the original beautifully, all backed by his re-contoured foundation. The main break proves to be a highlight with its distinctive musicality, led by soulful strums and fluid electronics, perfectly transitioning into a luminous third act finale.

The third and final interpretation of 'Soul Words' is provided by Stage Van H. Born and raised in the Netherlands, Stage's warm, progressive sound has shaped the Just Movement imprint which would have to be considered his primary home. His Clubsonica debut has been much anticipated and Stage closes the release out in style with his 'Groovy Soul' interpretation of 'Soul Words'. It's warm and wavy foundation immediately grabs your attention, perfectly shaped for maximum dance floor effect. Adorned with charming electronics and timely chord stabs it leads to a poignant break which puts the perfect cap on another exquisite release from Clubsonica Records.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2kslgCo
Release Date: 11-12-2017

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