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Ezequiel Arias, Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor – Meloram [Melorama Música]

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Opening a rift in the very fabric of time and space, Melorama twists the key for the very first time in its existence with 'Meloram / Blue Sphere'. Conjured by a dynamo of a progressive trio in Ezequiel Arias, Nacho Varela, and Cruz Vittor, the EP is a vivid representation of dreams materializing in unimaginable ways as the artists navigate through the infinite inkwell of inspiration that is art itself.

Commencing transmissions for this initial broadcast, 'Meloram' manifests undulations that fluctuate over a dense low-end as aqueous melodic spheres levitate suspended, defying gravity, expanding and bloating before bursting into a most entrancing sequence. With every chord progression, a chemical reaction occurs, offsetting a euphoric sense of effervescence as we gravitate in unison with each melodic impulse for a rapturous breakdown that challenges the very laws of physics. More than a splendid sonic exercise in a pure progressive fashion, 'Meloram' is a statement of declaration from a label that veers into the future through the echos of the past.

Gripping from the onset, B-side 'Blue Sphere' treads ethereal waters with intensifying aplomb through each passing beat, unfurling in a firm, yet gentle manner as an interstellar sonic tapestry unravels before our very eyes in hypnotizing fashion. Serene, but powerful, 'Blue Sphere' is a mesmerizing contradiction that invites listeners on a supersonic highway that stimulates the senses with its gliding frame and ever-chameleonic synthwork as we bask in its immense beauty.

Quenching a most internal need for expression, Melorama Musica's first stargate presents listeners with a chance to explore uncharted regions of the minds of its creators, disrupting the current landscape with a different vision for its past, present, and future.

Buy: bit.ly/3raUX2P
Release Date: 10-10-2022



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