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Ewan Rill – Dark Shining [Balkan Connection]

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The hugely prolific Ewan Rill returns to Balkan Connection this week with ‘Dark Shining’. The Russian artist has been a primary contributor to the Serbian imprint since making his debut in July of 2011. Now approaching his 100th appearance on the label Ewan presents a brand new EP hot on the heels of releases for PHW Elements and Strange Town Recordings.

‘Every Second’ kicks the EP off with a bang and is perhaps the most peak time inspired track on the release. Ewan’s ability to craft a broad spectrum of progressive styles has always been impressive and here he really takes aim at the dance floor. It’s funky, driving groove carries a large presence while a complement of dark themes and twisted effects add an ominous tone. The main break is enormous, slowly stripping down before eventually building back up with layers of snares, pulling back just in time for a tasteful drop.

The tempo drops a touch on ‘One’ but the dance floor appeal is just as high with a tough, techy groove leading the charge. In keeping with the EP's ethos the mood is quite ominous but the buoyancy of it's rhythmic structure does add a slight playfulness to the proceedings. The second act is made up of two breaks which just ups the dance floor appeal even more, creating drama and tension through free flowing builds and clever transitions.

The release concludes with it’s title piece ‘Dark Shining’ which is the collection’s deepest track but perhaps it’s most impactful. It’s smooth but powerful rhythms are undeniably infectious, building momentum with each successive loop as layers of percussion add a fiery flair. What’s most appealing is the swirling, dubbed out storyboard which happens during the main break, it’s deceptive in a way, almost lowering your guard before the dominant groove returns for a commanding finish. It rounds out another exceptional collection of music from Ewan and a great release from Balkan Connection once again. Don’t miss it.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2M9yVb1

Release Date: 11-06-2017

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