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Elias Erium – Echoes [Phenomena]

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Phenomena celebrates their five-year anniversary with a special EP project from label boss Elias Erium. Previously known as the hugely successful progressive house/trance producer Solid Stone, the Canadian artist coined the new ‘Elias Erium’ moniker to further his audio experiments outside the confines of what he had created with Solid Stone. Success came quickly with world class DJs such as Adriatique, Mind Against and Nick Warren supporting this new chapter of Eilas’ career. With the five-year anniversary of the label impending, Elias has crafted the forthcoming ‘Echoes’ EP, a project which tactfully ties his roots of Solid Stone with the current contemporary sounds of Elias Erium. The end result is a five-track audio travelogue which not only fuses the sensibilities of the monikers together, but creates a bridge into the future of the Erium sound. The ‘Echoes’ EP has been designed to give the fanbase of Solid Stone an introduction to the next phase of Elias Erium, while in turn celebrating the five-year anniversary of Phenomena. With the project’s introductory singles ‘Sol’ and ‘Echoes’ landing amidst much praise across September and October respectively, Phenomena now unveils the full ‘Echoes’ release, complete with five consciousness expanding cuts.

'Sol' is exactly the kind of confounding starting point that an Erium project seems to relish in; one with a newly sprawling, saga-like story to tell. Unique in design and execution; its punchy kick drums, cross-cultural musicality and balmy, character-rich motifs maintain a sense of urgency, but also soul, and with a storyboard filled with fire-starting spontaneity, it's a creation that astute dancefloors will certainly appreciate.

Selection two ‘Generation’ finds Elias flexing his studio repertoire with a deep timeless techno narrative. Tight, compact and bursting with ultrasonic energies, the track’s first movement is built around dubbed out chord stabs and deconstructed vocals which carry energy into the main break. Erium's creative attitude shines across the interlude, with effervescent arps and fuzzed out synth swagger cleverly coaxing, eventually revealing a darker monochrome, one which pushes onwards to a finale that is equal parts prophetic and cosmic.

Beneath the astral qualities of ‘Generation’ lies the paranoid realities of ‘Point Blank’. As an apt barometer of where Elias’ headspace is at, it’s a framework of bulbous kick drums which lay the foundation for gritty percussion and devilish effects to continue the shadowy tone set by its predecessors. Energies shift and emotion rises as the interlude takes shape, with gaseous atmospheres and looping vocals tastefully building tension towards a finale of burly grooves and metallic melodies.

The space-dance foray ‘Master Frequency' follows and further cements Erium's dancefloor minded ethos. Its neo-saccharine drive is anchored by rocketing beats and a forest of robust percussive splashes, tastefully building to a wild-eyed intensity of percolating rhythms and fragmented melodies. With an energy that exudes confidence, Elias pulls from his expansive repertoire as the main break takes shape, pushing modulation to sizzling boil, as thought-provoking vocal samples steal air for the ultimate dancefloor rush.

The crushing title track rounds out the release and sets any preconceived ideas of Erium's music alight, pulling tactfully from his past experiments as Solid Stone, and in turn creating a thunderous slice of pyrotechnic progressive house. Forecasting jet force propulsions and wild signal bending synths, Elias’ muscular beats, cyclone-like build and key changing grooves make for a goosebump inducing journey for the ages. The ‘Echoes’ collection sees its official release on November 15th.

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