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Eleven Of July – Your Heart & Your Mind [Movement Recordings]

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Tash's Movement Recordings opens the fall season by welcoming Eleven Of July back to the label for a new EP. Based in Rome, Italian artist Augusto Proto aka Eleven Of July has been at the cutting edge of electronic music for the better part of a decade. Comparable to the path of the genre's elite artists, Augusto has found a way to create his own personal universe by crafting avant-garde club tracks, and ultimately finding a place in the trend-driven state of underground dance music. On the strength of support from Adriatique, Dubfire, Mind Against and Undercatt, Eleven Of July has been operating at the heart of the melodic house and techno movement since the genre's inception, carefully curating releases via Area Verde, Eat My Hat Music and his own BrokenHearted imprint. Movement Recordings has also been a recurring landing spot for Augusto, with five originals released across a year-long stretch, most notably his 'Call From The Blue' EP which landed in March of 2022. Now, following his latest BrokenHearted vehicle 'Life', Eleven Of July returns to Movement Recordings with 'Your Heart and Your Mind'.

Spread across four tracks it's the astral techno sounds of 'Cerbero' which get the EP underway. Rich in rhythm and drive, its punchy low end and pulsating cadence provide momentous energy, while icy pads and a prophetic lead fill in the framework. Hopeful overlays bring an emotive vibe as the main break commences, melting down to a gorgeous cinematic-style centerpiece, before a flurry of claps cues a thunderous drop and charged finale. Meanwhile, title selection 'Your Heart and Your Mind' continues on a darker monochrome with tough beats anchoring a mature no frills arrangement of dystopian stabs, sci-fi vocals and metallic arps. An intriguing narrative and one which continues to build following a short well timed break, perfectly setting the stage for a second act that is equal parts surreal and cosmic.

The third selection 'Nanthana' surveys a similar design profile but with a further lean into melodic territory. Beginning with a stripped yet punchy groove, the piece evolves with cascading arps and detailed percussion carrying into the main break. Wispy effects and poignant fragments make for a cavernous interlude, one which is sure to captivate a dancefloor with its air of mystery and intrigue, before a rush of drums sparks a beefed up drop and suitably epic finale. Rounding out the release is 'Friday' which carries a mystical peak time vibe through its machine-gun style grooves, shapeshifting vocal samples and an array of squelchy stabs which allow for a great sense of depth and space. The main break serves to add additional tension, as the astral lead gets washed away, and a spacious interlude of razor-sharp stabs and haunting vocals push forward to a thrilling finale.

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Release Date: 29-09-2023

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