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Dowden – Orka [Superordinate Music]

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The latest release on Superordinate Music finds Dowden returning to the label for a brand new EP. Previously known as Onez!e, the Canadian artist has found a comfortable on the UK imprint while also appearing on John 00 Fleming’s JOOF Recordings and Tripp Baronner’s Yin:Yang imprint. Now returning to Superordinate Dowden presents his latest EP entitled ‘Orka’.

Spread across three tracks it’s the title and showcase piece ‘Orka’ which gets the proceedings underway. It’s not hard to see why a DJ such as John 00 Fleming has locked on to the Canadian’s productions. Full of boundless energy yet still remarkably groovy and full of great musicality, ‘Orka’ is a creation perfectly dialled for the dance floor and also arrives at a poignant moment during a well executed break.

The second selection ‘Lack Of Blue’ ups the intensity a touch with growling stabs and a buzzing energy, particularly during a tension filled break. Much like ‘Orka’ it’s energy and drive is infectious and with an overlay of icy pads it’s uniquely melancholic as well.

The release concludes with ‘Torque’ which is perhaps the most esoteric piece on the EP. Once again backed by a full, driving foundation it’s the unique electronics which make this one memorable. Full of interesting character they sit perfectly amidst the fiery percussive framework and provide some deadly hooks in the process. Three stunning tracks from Dowden which rounds out a sensational release for Superordinate Music once again. Don’t miss it.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2IVaTOw

Release Date: 23-04-2017

Release Promo: http://releasepromo.com

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