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Dougal Fox – Nostalgia | Ataraxia [Clubsonica Records]

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The latest release from Clubsonica Records welcomes Dougal Fox to the label for his debut EP. As a DJ for the better part of two decades, the UK artist has been a fixture in his country's nightlife, programming music for storied venues such as Pacha. Also travelling abroad, the London resident has spent time in both Australia and New Zealand, playing Sydney's iconic superclub HOME, as well as Wellington's 'Sandwiches'. Having honed his skills as a producer for some time, Dougal now embarks on his first official release entitled 'Nostalgia | Ataraxia', alongside remixes from Michael A and Oliver and Tom.

Getting the release underway and setting the sonic aesthetic for Dougal's sound is 'Nostalgia'. Warm beats, rolling bass tones and striking percussion set the piece in motion, as dreamy arps and wispy atmospheres encase the framework. Buoyant stabs and aquatic effects then further the narrative, as a series of harmonic drifts elevate mood into the main break. As the interlude builds, a bed of choppy percussion begins an exhilarating rise, with modulation peaking as a wave of noise fades off into a groovy drop and glowing finale. The companion piece 'Ataraxia' proves to be a perfect complement with its deep, spacious groove and tantalizing electronics. Luminous arps dance amidst a maze of driving percussion, perfectly shifting energy into the main break. Cosmic and meditative in equal measure, the interlude saturates your senses with a cascading motif, running through tasteful modulation, before reaching a gentle crescendo and purring final movement.

The lone interpretation of 'Nostalgia' is provided by Michael A who returns to the label for his second appearance. Hailing from Belarus, Michael sits amongst progressive music's elite guard. As a favourite of the genre's premiere tastemakers Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren, Michael has also showcased his music on top tier labels, including Cid Inc's Replug Records, Hope Recordings and Sudbeat Music. Now making a welcome return to Clubsonica, Michael provides a powerful rendition of 'Nostalgia'. Engaging from the outset, spongy kicks and rhythmic pulses converge for a fluid foundation, while percussive splashes and astral sonics bring character and texture to the groove. Building a mysterious narrative across the first act, hazy harmonics shift energy into the main break, where billowing bass swells rise amidst a haze of colourful effects, as the beats drop for a moment of reflective warmth.

The release concludes with Oliver and Tom returning to the label and providing the lone interpretation of 'Ataraxia'. Following a successful 2019 that featured releases on Nick Warren's The Soundgarden and Balance Music, the Argentinean duo made their Clubsonica debut in September of this year with a well received remix of Kabi's 'Open Road'. Now following an EP for onedotsixtwo, Oliver and Tom return to the label with a gorgeous take on 'Ataraxia'. The Argentinean duo reprocesses the main elements into newfound themes for what sits as an ideal complement to the original. Atop a tough, compact groove comes effervescent phrasing and buoyant tonal themes. Bright and compelling, it's a gorgeous amalgamation of sound which makes for an energetic yet tranquil journey, elegantly melting down across a two-minute interlude, before a spirited final act puts a cap on this creative gem. A gorgeous remix from Oliver and Tom which rounds out a hugely successful Clubsonica debut for Dougal Fox.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3ogGRJw

Release Date: 07-12-2020

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