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DNYO – Halcyon [Juicebox Music]

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Presenting a followup to 'Radiate', DNYO returns to Praveen Achary's Juicebox Music with the much anticipated 'Halcyon'. Released in June, the two track 'Radiate' EP featured a somewhat deeper side of the Brazilian's studio repertoire. Earning praise from the progressive underground as a result, it was DNYO's first original project since 2019's 'The Flare', also coming courtesy of Juicebox Music. Continuing to build a bond with the Indian imprint, DNYO now returns to the label for his third EP and second of what is becoming a prolific 2021.

Although 'Radiate' opened our ears to a softer, gentler DNYO, the Sao Paulo resident's latest 'Halycon' lands with a decidedly crunchier, more aggressive approach. The title track builds with an electric majesty, as razor sharp rhythms, arcane arps and a forest of florid percussion provide the backbone for arcane chord changes and timely tonal shifts to work their magic.

Second selection 'Sensoria' comes in even more heady with evolving percussion arrangements and devilish stabs setting the pace early. It's cerebral nature is a delight for the senses as spectacular sonics unite for a magnificently chaotic vortex of sound and colour.

The release concludes in resounding fashion with the buzzing, effected motifs of 'Space Monk'. Here DNYO juxtaposes melancholic synth phrasing and heavily processed vocals over a bed of electric bass stabs and muscular beats. Progressively more melodic as the narrative evolves, the journey ultimately peaks during a timely break where ultrasonic design qualities meet timeless melodic concepts, perfectly spearheading a reflective finale. It caps off a spectacular display of sonic sorcery from DNYO once again, an artist who continues to venture further into innovative realms as 2022 fast approaches. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 15-10-2021

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