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DJ Paul & Nicholas Van Orton – Back to Daylight [Balkan Connection]

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DJ Paul (AR) and Nicholas Van Orton team up for a much anticipated collaboration c/o Serbian progressive powerhouse Balkan Connection. Paul and Nicholas are perhaps two of Argentina's longest standing progressive house artists. Considered as veterans by their fans and contemporaries, Paul has been a prominent figure in the countries nightlife for 3 decades, having shared the decks with Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Sasha, Dave Seaman and Deep Dish, while also showcasing his music on Sudbeat and Perfecto. Meanwhile Nicholas has focused more on the production side of things and owns a discography with more than 400 credits. Now uniting for a single track collaboration the duo present 'Back to Daylight'.

Given the smooth sonic aesthetics that both artists are known for it comes as little surprise as to how fluid and hypnotic 'Back to Daylight' is. Beautifully restrained yet rhythmically powerful it's perfectly tailored for a modern day progressive dance floor. There are no boisterous lead themes, just tastefully interwoven concepts that add up to a free flowing journey to get lost in. Beautiful work from Paul and Nicholas.

Also included on the release are two solo originals, beginning with DJ Paul's 'Hamal'. It's playful energy is immediately appealing, flowing through a wave of bubbly concepts before eventually segueing through a fragmented section leading into the break. Airy sweeps and fluid percussion add mightily to the storyboard before a short but timely break brings tasteful modulation to set up a smooth finale.

Coming in a touch deeper is Nicholas Van Orton's 'Fisherman' which rounds the release out quite nicely. NVO bass lines are unmistakable; so warm, rich and full of great shape, which this one certainly is. Much like it's predecessors it relies on meditative qualities and hopeful atmospherics to deliver it's cosmic message and what a powerful one it is. Lovely stuff from Nicholas which caps off this unique collaborative EP from Balkan Connection. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3046YI7

Release Date: 19-08-2019

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