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David Podhel – Dreams Come True [Dopamine White]

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The latest release from Nikko.Z's Dopamine White welcomes David Podhel back to the label for his debut single. Hailing from Mexico, David Podhel first emerged a decade ago with a series of releases for Nicholas Van Orton's BCSA. His timeless progressive sound quickly caught the attention of the genre's diehard fanbase, leading to future projects for Deepwibe Underground, Droid9, Mango Alley and more. Having made his Dopamine White debut earlier this year with a remix of Hobin Rude's 'Apicem', David now makes a return to the label with 'Dreams Come True', alongside remixes from Omar Nickel and Jero Nougues.

Destined to be a highlight in David's discography, it is the melodic stylings of the original mix which gets the release underway. Electrically charged from the outset, its rolling rhythmic structures, striking electronics and character rich groove set the piece on a course for aural enlightenment. Astral arps and haunting atmospheres rise across the first act, carrying momentum and mood into the main break. A spoken word narrative delights across the centrepiece, eventually playing out over a bed of tough breakbeats, before a tasteful crescendo sets up a cosmic finale.

Making his label debut with the first remix of 'Dreams Come True'' is Omar Nickel. With a career spanning the better part of a decade, USA based Omar Nickel has carved out a unique place in the progressive house underground. His groovy sound has found a home on Creatus Flow, Natura Viva and SoulArt Records as he continues to emerge within the genre's creative confines. Now, adding Dopamine white to his resume, Omar delivers a heady take on 'Dreams Come True'. While maintaining the elusive spirit of the original, the American artist crafts a trippier yet equally dancefloor friendly version, one where deconstructed vocals and evolving atmospheric themes blanket voluptuous grooves and flashing percussive arrangements. Coming to full fruition across the main break, it's a cosmic college of texture and effects which serves to elevate mood onwards to a thumping finale.

The release concludes with Jero Nougues making his label debut with the second and final interpretation of 'Dreams Come True'. Hailing from Argentina, Jero first emerged over a decade ago on the strength of releases via Balkan Connection's Tech division, PHW Elements and Ready Mix Records. The Buenos Aires resident would continue to refine his sound across the next 10 years, developing a groovy take on traditional progressive house and in turn finding a home on Deepwibe Underground, Droid9 and Nick Warren's The Soundgarden. Continuing what has been a great year, Jero now adds Dopamine White to his resume with a powerful rendition of 'Dreams Come True'. Warm pulsating basslines and dark rebounding rhythms set the course for snatches of liquid-like arps and emerging atmospheres to work their magic leading into the break. A gorgeous contrast from the talented Argentine and one which is explored further across a captivating interlude, as the vocal narrative emerges, paving the way for a powerful groove-centric drop and driving finale.

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Release Date: 07-07-2023

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