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Danny Tenaglia & Sasha Carassi – Automatik [Renaissance]

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Sasha Carassi joins forces with the one and only Danny Tenaglia…

You can’t beat a good collaboration, but when it’s Sasha Carassi and the legendary Danny Tenaglia, the ears have to prick-up a wee bit more - pairings like this just don’t come around all that often! The story is made even more poignant as both are label family members; Sasha has been releasing regularly on Renaissance, whilst Danny was last seen 15 years ago with his critically acclaimed ‘Futurism’ comp’.

And, in a fitting twist, ‘Automatik’ is a track that also began life over a decade ago, as Sasha explains, “I was in New York and Danny kindly invited me to his infamous Brooklyn loft, which was just inspiration itself, so we sat down in his studio there and ‘Automatik’ began, but it was just the germ of an idea at that point.”

“Then, over the years we just kept kicking it back forth,” says Danny, picking-up the story, “we’d tweak it and, of course, update it as genres and trends came and went. We had some real fun with it. Then there was the pandemic, so it wasn’t until the back end of last year we both felt the time was right to release it; ‘Automatik’ is a club record that needs full dancefloors for it to live its best life.”

The resulting track is a weapon of total discotheque destruction and everything you could hope for - it’s Giorgio Moroder converting to the dark side, meets the classic ‘Hard & Soul’ Tenaglia sound, all pinned by Sasha’s meticulous techno pedigree.

As if the original isn’t exciting enough, the pair also extended a remix invitation to Magdalena, who happily accepted and embraced the project with aplomb. Her version is a chunky slice of melodic house with an expanded riff that lingers long in the memory, as she explains, “With the original focusing more on percussive elements and sounds, I decided to add a harmonic touch. The dub vocals suit the new catchy lead line perfectly. Have fun with the remix!”

Buy: bit.ly/3JVXoA3
Release Date: 21-07-2023



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