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D.J. MacIntyre – Phoenix Rising (Remixed) [SLC-6 Music]

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SLC-6 Music continues a strong spring season by showcasing new interpretations of D.J. MacIntyre's 'Phoenix Rising'. As a standout on the American artist's debut album 'Tandava', 'Phoenix Rising' has enjoyed two reincarnations over the last half decade, with Peitzke and Edvard Hunger turning in stellar reworks in 2018 and 2020 respectively. Looking to breathe new life into the production, SLC-6 Music invites Ziger, Agustin Pietrocola, KAZKO and Dr Chrispy to re-imagine the track for the impending summer season.

Making his label debut and providing the first interpretation of 'Phoenix Rising' is Ziger. Hailing from Athens, Harris Zigeridis aka Ziger would have to be considered a veteran of his country's burgeoning progressive house underground. The long time Hernan Cattaneo favourite has showcased his music on Beatfreak, Eleatics, Plattenbank and Sudbeat, while also being at the helm of his hugely successful Eat My Hat imprint. As an in-demand remixer, Ziger makes his SLC-6 Music debut with a peak time take on 'Phoenix Rising'. Atop compact beats comes waves of rippling bass and effervescent phrasing. Mysterious and driving throughout, it's a heady amalgamation of sound which makes for an energetic yet atmospheric journey, elegantly melting down to glassy arps across a one-minute interlude, before a mystical final act puts a cap on this otherworldly gem.

Next up and also making his label debut is Agustin Pietrocola. Emerging in 2017 with a string of releases via Mystic Carousel Records, the Argentinean artist went on to showcase his progressive sound via Deepwibe Underground, Droid9, Mango Alley and Movement Recordings. Inspired by the likes of Guy J, Marcelo Vasami and Pole Folder, Agustin makes his SLC-6 Music debut with a powerful rendition of 'Phoenix Rising'. Taking a cue from the original, while adding a deeper state of mind, the Tandil resident carves out a chunky groove adorned with neatly manicured percussion and percolating synth lines. Ghostly overlays provide a unique emotional response across the first act, setting a clear path into an emotive break. Compelling and poignant, the centrepiece is an enlightening experience, with its bright tonal themes and fragmented vocals setting the course for a thumping drop and heads down finale.

Hailing from the progressive music hotbed of Sri Lanka, Kaveen Suraweera aka KAZKO first emerged in 2020 with a string of tech-house oriented releases, before finding his way into progressive house with projects via 3rd Avenue and Another Life Music in 2021. 2022 has seen the Colombo resident continue to rise, adding key releases to his resume from Antrim's Strangers Beats, Droid9 and Transensations. Also finding a home on SLC-6 Music, KAZKO has already delivered an original and remix for the label this year, ultimately leading to a third project, a progressive minded rendition of 'Phoenix Rising'. Engaging from the outset, rolling beats and rhythmic pulses converge for a fluid foundation, while timely vocals and hazy harmonics bring character and texture to the groove. Building an emotive narrative across the first act, poignant pads and fragmented melodies converge, providing a bridge into the main break, where tonal tension marries indistinct vocals, before giving way to a commanding drop and massive finale.

The release concludes with Dr Chrispy making his label debut with the fourth and final interpretation of 'Phoenix Rising'. Dr Chrispy aka Dr. Chris Boshuizen is an astronaut, award-winning aeronautical engineer, music producer, and songwriter who has spent the last 15 years tragically torn between two loves: Music and Space Exploration. Splitting time between a job at NASA and writing music on the one instrument he always had with him: his laptop, has yielded over three hundred tracks across a fifteen-year stretch. Having the distinction of going to space with Star Trek's William Shatner, Dr Chrispy now makes his SLC-6 Music debut with a spirited take on 'Phoenix Rising'. Full and driving, its buoyant beats and rhythmic pulses converge to set a fluid foundation, while an added vocal provides a colourful canopy of sound for the emotive key changes below. Glowing chord stabs highlight the centrepiece, delivering anticipatory moments, before a rush of drums and effects unite for a powerful drop and vocal-led finale. A gorgeous interpretation from Dr Chrispy which rounds out an impressive remix edition for D.J. MacIntyre's 'Phoenix Rising'.

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Release Date: 20-05-2021

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