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Claudiu Adam – Dreams & Secrets | Unfaithful [Clubsonica Records]

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Clubsonica Records caps off a strong spring season by welcoming Claudiu Adam to the label for his debut EP. Formerly known as KeyPlayer and armed with a foundation in piano, Claudiu Adam is a distinguished Romanian artist currently calling the United States home. With a diverse studio repertoire, Claudio is proficient in crafting downtempo to organic and progressive house, as well as uplifting trance. It's this amalgamation of sound which garnered him acclaim across the electronic music underground, consistently delivering impactful records through esteemed labels such as Armada Music, Coldharbour, Future Sound of Egypt, Pure Trance and Where The Heart Is, amongst others. Now, putting a focus on the organic side of his repertoire, Claudiu makes his Clubsonica debut with 'Dreams & Secrets | Unfaithful', alongside remixes from Greg Ochman and Nicolas Viana.

Beginning with 'Dreams & Secrets', Claudiu finds a perfect balance between dancefloor energy and emotive musicality. Full of uplifting qualities, the Chicago resident expertly blends plush kick drums, warm rolling grooves and soulful synth phrasing, all perfectly bound together with exotic drum arrangements. Further revealing his melody crafting prowess across the main break, Claudiu expands the emotional narrative amidst waves of colour and texture; all blanketed with heavenly vocals, before a classy drop cues a soaring finale complete with key-changing grooves and poignant vocal phrasing. The companion piece 'Unfaithful' acts as a perfect complement with its whimsical yet highly emotive sound. Looking to bring even stronger musicality to his portfolio, Claudiu flexes his melody crafting prowess once again, with a playful top line adding youthful exuberance to a sturdy club-effective groove. The main break proves to be the highlight however, flowing through gorgeous piano and synth cascades, expertly intertwined for maximum emotional response, before muted beats and hazy harmonics rise into a gorgeous finale that's sure to be a hit on all the daytime dancefloors out there.

Returning to the label for the lone interpretation of 'Dreams & Secrets' is Greg Ochman. Hailing from Poland, Greg first emerged in 2021 with a release via Sebastian Leger's Lost Miracle. Comprising three tracks, this organic offering would lead to future projects for Akbal Music, Amulanga, Pattenbank, Songuara, UV and Warung Recordings. Clubsonica was also one of Greg's first landing spots, with April of 2021 marking his label debut with the thematic sounds of 'Mistlove', a release which led to a 2022 remix project for Juan Sapia's 'Holy Grail'. Now widely regarded as one of the more prolific and inventive remixers in organic house, Greg returns to Clubsonica with an inspired take on 'Dreams & Secrets'. Perfectly geared towards the impending summer season, Greg focuses on an uplifting narrative throughout, with a warm rollercoaster groove to anchor all of his melodic wizardry. The main break proves to be expansive and Ibiza-tinged in equal measure, as indistinct vocals and sun-drenched melodies drift amidst colourful textures, before a rush of white noise ultimately spearheads a goosebump-inducing finale.

The release concludes with Nicolas Viana making his label debut with the lone interpretation of 'Unfaithful'. Based in Tucuman, the Argentinean artist first emerged two years ago and has enjoyed a meteoric ascent in the world of progressive and organic house. On the strength of a contribution to One Of A Kind's 'Melody Masters Exclusive' collection, Nicolas would go on to record projects for Amulanga, Flug Lab, Melody Of The Soul, Nordic Voyage, Or Two Strangers and Peace Symphonies, amongst others. Now, fresh off a remix for Get Physical's organic offshoot Kindisch, Nicolas adds Clubsonica to his resume with a groovy rendition of 'Unfaithful'. Opting for a deeper and decidedly nostalgic approach, it's a warm anchor of key changing grooves which lay the foundation for flashing percussion and Mediterranean-infused melodies to carve a path into an emotive break. Here, Nicolas' musical prowess shines with a heartfelt theme and wispy effects taking centrestage, bringing with them hopeful moments, before shifting energy into a summer-inspired finale.

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Release Date: 07-06-2023

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