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Choopie – Surprise EP [Agnosia Black]

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Presenting their second release of the year, Agnosia Black welcomes label boss Choopie back for a new EP. With a career that spans the better part of three decades Israeli artist Choopie is widely regarded as one of his country's premiere electronic music talents. Releases via Bedrock and Yoshitoshi laid the groundwork for what has been a storied career, one which has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years. Choopie's current production output often finds a perfect balance between progressive and organic house, an amalgamation of sound which has carried to him recent projects for 3rd Avenue, Mango Alley and Sol Selectas. With 2023 getting underway with the well received 'Berez', Choopie now returns to his comfortable home of Agnosia Black with a new two-track showcase entitled 'Surprise'.

As one of the underground’s most long-running talents Choopie has shaped a sound all his own. His progressive qualities and pristine design combined with a sparse release schedule has only made the love for his sound stronger. Here we get two new productions which land just in time for the summer club and festival season, beginning with title track 'Surprise'. Fuelled by rhythm and groove; its driving basslines, crunchy rhythms and tight percussive arrangements resonate on a transcendent level. Prophetic and tense across the first movement, Choopie adds atmosphere and depth through timely effects, exotic drums and a hook-heavy arp which drives momentum forward, ultimately creating a bridge into the second act. Sitting in a cosmic yet thought provoking space, a tastefully executed peak is eventually revealed as modulation rises and drums intensify, resulting in what should be a memorable dancefloor moment. Also included is a Deep Mix which delivers more of a serene mood setting journey with it's dubbed out lines, greater atmospheric depth and a groovy core perfect for setting up bigger tracks to come.

The release concludes with a second original 'Zizi Tripo' which complements it's predecessor perfectly. Possessing a dramatic undercurrent, Choopie works hypnotizing percussion and wavy arps over chugging grooves and muscular kick drums, creating waves of ultrasonic energy across the first act. Its thrilling pulse builds during a dramatic second movement, where emotive synth phrasing and a cosmically correct break preludes a thunderous drop and colourful melodic conclusion. An epic end to a fresh two-track showcase, one where Choopie carefully balances rhythm and groove with technique and musicality. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 26-05-2023

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