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Bynomic – Amethyst [Another Life Music]

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Continuing a strong start to the year, the latest offering from Another Life Music finds label boss Bynomic returning for a new EP. The Swiss artist continued to flex his progressive music powers across 2021, with a release schedule that was not only prolific but replete with quality productions. 3rd Avenue, Dopamine White, Droid9, Future Avenue and Shambhala Music served as landing spots for Bynomic's groovy melodic sound as he continued to evolve as an artist. 2022 has seen Bynomic already return to Madloch's 3rd Avenue with 'Past Oblivion', a track that has seen success across the winter season. Now as February reaches it's halfway point, the Zurich resident returns to his comfortable home of Another Life Music with the much anticipated 'Amethyst'.

The release begins with the heady vibes of the title selection ‘Amethyst’. Something Bynomic has excelled at is finding a good balance between groove and melody. This is another fine example of that with a myriad of compelling arps layering a robust foundation and striking percussive arrangements. These juxtaposed elements also balance colour really well, moving top to bottom from dark to light with relative ease, before unleashing an onslaught of effects during a trippy apex.

The second selection ‘Smaragd’ follows a similar sonic ethos to its predecessor and resonates on an equally impressive level. Remarkably well crafted, its full, well-shaped bass line commands attention, moving through rolling contours and rhythmic pulses, while spacious percussion and delicate arps add further spice to the groove. Placid pads and ethereal phrasing rise across the first act, creating a surreal sonic environment as the break unfolds, and ultimately foreshadowing a final movement that is both emotional and otherworldly.

The release concludes with ‘Turmalin’ which should strike a chord with many for it's retro sensibilities. Marrying nostalgic themes, Bynomic layers rolling rhythmic structures with flickering percussion and trance-inducing arps. It’s a tranquil yet highly engaging storyboard, one which takes fluidity to newfound levels across the main break, while the symphonic subtleties command your attention onwards to a mesmerizing finale. An inspired creation from Bynomic, who has presented some of his most ambitious work to date with the 'Amethyst' collection, a three-track showcase which is bound to be a discography stand out at years end. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3LxQXT1

Release Date: 18-02-2021

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