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Brian Cid – Bluiris (Original Mix) [Endangered]

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Brian Cid returns to his Endangered imprint with the Bluiris EP; 4 melodic techno & progressive tracks of his signature dark and hypnotic beats.

After the last year that’s seen much of the world come to a halt, Brian Cid’s production output continued on strong throughout. He released EP’s on Lost & Found, Balance and Endangered, as well as remixes and singles on labels like Flying Circus, Oddity, Einmusik and Eklektisch. For his first full EP of 2021, Brian is back on Endangered with Bluiris; 4 original tracks that take the listener on a captivating trip when consumed in sequence.

“ION” starts things off with a cinematic intro, and a sense of anticipation bubbles throughout the track signifying the start of a journey. Curiosity is piqued with the atmospheric pads and subtle synth stabs, and a trippy, sensory overload is reached at the apex. The vibe is switched up with a tribal rhythm and shuffling groove for “Ordeal”. Drum hits come from every angle, and arpeggiated synths jump back and forth which creates a wave of emotions as the listener is now pulled forward without resistance.

Full energy and power are reached on the title track “Bluiris”. The most progressive and hypnotic track on the EP, this one is classic Brian Cid dark vibes & energy. The journey concludes with the final track “Flares”. Euphoria is reached once the drop occurs, and the listener is left in a relaxed and meditative state at the conclusion of this trip.

Brian describes the concept behind the music:

“Imagine the image of us reflected in everything we perceive. This is not only true to the times we live in, but life as a whole. This understanding is the foundation of this EP called Bluiris - a symbol of faith and surrender. Remember that when there is surrender there is no hope, wishes or desires. There is no doubt, fear or uncertainty. There is only the experience of infinite trust. The welcoming of a sea of energy without any resistance.

I invite you to experience each step of the way with the full essence of your being. Let’s watch our fate unfold as our own fate watches us in pure awe. I say that to hope is for the untrusting mind, but to surrender is for the loyal soul.

These four tracks cover a wide range of emotions, tempos, colors, intensity, depth, time signatures, chords and ambience. Endangered is its only home because beyond an EP, this is a powerful musical tool that will guide you to enter a state of surrender while life watches you let go.“

Buy: bit.ly/301iSUI
Release Date: 05-03-2021



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