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Jean Caillou – Departure Unknown [Sound Avenue]

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Madloch's Sound Avenue imprint welcomes Jean Caillou back to the label for his debut EP. Hailing from Zurich, the Swiss artist has established himself in the world of organic house with releases on Magician On Duty, RYNTH, Sag and Tre and Underyourskin Records. Having made his Sound Avenue debut in 2019 with a remix of Joe Miller's 'The Last Of The Great Days', Jean further established a bond with the label in 2020, reworking Bigasti and Balad's 'The Days'. Now returning to Sound Avenue for his first original project, Jean presents his 'Departure Unknown' EP, alongside a remix from Daniel Van Der Zwaag.

Spread across four tracks, Jean Caillou's 'Deeparture Unknown' is an eclectic blend of electronica, organic and melodic house. Emotionally compelling throughout, the journey begins with the dulcet beats and dusty percussion of 'There'. It's romantic overtones and intriguing vocal stylings make for an irresistible first act, before emerging atmospheres blanket the proceedings for a chilling finale.

The lone interpretation of 'There' is provided by Daniel Van Der Zwaag who makes his label debut. With the backing of Nick Warren and releases via Balance Music, Nie Wieder Schlafen and The Soundgarden, the Dutch artist has quickly become a sought-after name for all things deep and organic. Beginning his 2021 journey in style Daniel now makes his first appearance on Sound Avenue with a stunning rendition of 'There'. It's a journey played out over eleven magical minutes, as the Dutch artist works mesmerizing lines and intriguing vocal fragments over deep chugging grooves, resulting in a heady dance floor bomb. A three-minute centrepiece sits at the core of the composition, free flowing through a maze of hazy refrains, before opening up into a radiant glow as the beats drop for a groovy final movement.

The glacial flow continues with the amorous sounds of the title selection 'Deeparture Unknown'. Possessing an alluring undercurrent, it's punchy kicks and wavy synth phrasing creates a warm energetic glow. Emotive chord changes add further to that narrative as sheets of percussion and indistinct vocal fragments push forward to a vibrant apex. The mezmerizing 'Palau' further cements Jean's elusive vision, as a rippling rhythmic core gets complimented with mallet-like motifs and shuddering bass tones. Sympathetic in mood, it's slow burning drawl might be its strongest suit, tactfully building to a charismatic crescendo as gleaming electronics accent the road home. Diversifying the release further, it is Caillou's masterstroke to round the collection out with the impassioned, slo-mo grooves of 'Weather Lights'. Highlighting the seven-minute excursion is an amalgamation of clustered chimes, hopeful soundscapes and sensory saturating artifacts. A reflective piece which caps off a heavenly EP from Jean Caillou, continuing Sound Avenue's excellent winter season.

Buy: https://bit.ly/386ULZa

Release Date: 08-03-2021

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