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Brent Lawson – Cognitive Behaviour [Pro B Tech Music]

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Pro B Tech Music celebrates their 100th release with a new single from label boss Brent Lawson. The UK artist has been quiet since his ‘Optimo’ single with Hernan Serrao in July of 2017. Pro B Tech however have been enjoying a wonderful start to 2019 with strong releases from Audioglider and Martin Gardoqui & Franco Tejedor. Now presenting one of their most anticipated projects to date, Pro B Tech presents Brent Lawson's 'Cognitive Behaviour' alongside remixes from Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile and Paul Deep.

In terms of classically styled progressive house you'd be hard pressed to find a better example than the original mix. Drawing on the nostalgic sensibilities of genre with today’s new found appeal, it’s a piece that’s both highly energetic and emotionally satisfying. Rising atmospheres combined with cascading themes highlight what is a hugely memorable break. Euphoric and unabashedly epic it's a feel good piece to bring your dance floor together before the thumping groove drops for a thrilling finale.

The first remix of ‘Cognitive Behaviour’ is supplied by Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile who are a production trio that needs no introduction. Hernan Cattaneo is one of the world’s most loved progressive house DJs and his Sudbeat label imprint is widely regarded as one of the best in its field. Soundexile is a Buenos Aires based production duo (who are frequent studio partners with Hernan) who have been crafting unique and inspiring electronic music since 2006. The pair are also very accomplished DJs having shared the booth with Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, James Zabiela, Dave Seaman, Sander Kleinenberg and Henry Saiz. For their 'Cognitive Behaviour' interpretation the trio keep the peak time appeal of the original while adding a quirky motif to carry the track out of the main break and on into a moderately twisted finale.
Mix 2 comes in a bit spacier in sonic quality and it's these astral details which make it such a worthy companion to Mix 1. Almost ethereal in nature, it's mystical appeal is incredibly inviting and while making use of the primary theme it stays suitably understated for results in another very strong take on the track.

The release concludes with Paul Deep making his label debut and providing the final two interpretations of 'Cognitive Behaviour'. The Argentinean artist has found a home on some of progressive music’s most desired destinations, such as Asymmetric Recordings, Sound Avenue and Sudbeat. Now making his first appearance on Pro B Tech, Paul takes 'Cognitive Behaviour' into deeper territory with great results. While still driving and energetic it is down a notch or two from the original and it's smooth, free following groove sounds fabulous as a result. The main theme while less direct does find a place, running through an atmospheric break and delivering poignant moments, perfectly setting up a tepid rush and smooth third act finale. Mix 2 while dubbier operates on a similar level in terms of drive and energy so if you or your dance floor like things a little left to the imagination then this is an excellent alternative. It rounds out a landmark 100th release for Brent Lawson's Pro B Tech, who have delivered five stunning pieces of music across the package. Here's to the next 100! Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2NFYUrS

Release Date: 04-03-2019

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