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Amir Telem – Heart of Gold [Superordinate Music]

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Rounding out the summer season, Superordinate Music welcomes Amir Telem to the label for his debut EP. Famed for releases via EIN2, Harabe, Kindisch, Movement Recordings, UV Noir and Nick Warren’s The Soundgarden, Israeli artist Amir Telem has continued to delight fans with his unique take on electronic music. Equally adept at creating deep, organic or progressive house, Amir's production's are often borderless, appealing to a broad range of DJs and in turn finding a place on the world's largest dance floors. Now on the strength of releases for Capital Heaven and Go Deeva Records, Amir makes his Superordinate Music debut with 'Heart of Gold'.

Amir's capacity for storytelling using sound design – both comforting and challenging – resonates across the title selection ‘Heat of Gold’. The Israeli artist lets cross-cultural vocals and dazzling arps descend over tough beats and thunderous bass stabs. Looking to elevate drama and tension, Amir works tasteful modulation on the primary lead across the main break, pushing momentum on wards to an exhilarating finale movement.

Coming in deeper and more emotive is the companion piece ‘Keep it Up’. Acting as an ideal complement to its predecessor, a wave of key changing bass swells sets a nostalgic mood early, neatly layered with dusty percussion and kaleidoscopic tones, the latter of which serve as a bridge into the main break. Mysterious and mystical, the interlude furthers the heartfelt themes, flowing through a hazy harmonic resonance, before giving way to an unassuming drop and tastefully restrained conclusion. It rounds out two exceptional tracks from Amir Telem, who makes his Superordinate debut in fine style here. Don't miss it.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3KJnjtV

Release Date: 23-09-2021

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  1. Amir Telem

    1st September 2022 at 20:55

    Hey PA, thank you so much for this kind review. I feel honored !
    Amir Telem


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