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Allies for Everyone – Hi Low [ICONYC]

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John Johnson's ICONYC rounds out the month of May by welcoming Allies for Everyone back to the label for a new single. With a career that spans the better part of a decade, New York based Brian Suarez aka Allies for Everyone lays claim to an impressive discography. Releases for Einmusika, Steyoyoke and Poesie Musik have all been sensational. Also finding a comfortable home on ICONYC, Allies for Everyone provided two EP’s and a remix for the label across 2020, before returning in March of this year with a well received remix of 'Signal In The Noise' by Stil & Bense. Now returning for his third original project, the American artist presents his latest single 'Hi Low', alongside remixes from Mollono.Bass and Mononoid.

Continuing to diversify his portfolio, Allies for Everyone crafts a vocal led piece aimed squarely at a peak time dance floor. The American artist lays down a storyboard of finely tuned beats, rippling grooves and fiery percussion. It’s this dramatic concoction which perfectly sets the stage for waves of placid overlays and heavenly vocal phrases. Ghostly and emotive in equal measure, they descend over the pulsating framework, while sections of cosmic effects and flurries of drums advance the narrative. Shifting further into poignant territory the grandiose break delivers just the right combination of tension and emotion, as a wall of acid-like lines and colourful harmonics provide an energy bridge into a purring finale.

Providing the first interpretation and making his label debut is Mollono.Bass. The German artist has been a mainstay in the world of melodic house and techno since first appearing over a decade ago. His cutting edge sound has found a home on 3000 Grad Records, Acker Records and Einmusika, while being praised by some of the genres key tastemakers. Now making his much anticipated ICONYC debut, Mollono.Bass turns in a rousing rendition of 'Hi Low'. Drawing on the sensibilities of the original the Mecklenburg resident leans in a more techno minded direction, with a reworked groove and spacious rhythmic core. The acid lines play a more prominent role, while the vocal gets chopped and reprocessed, sitting a bit further back in the mix. Concise at under six minutes in length, a second act of striking chord stabs and vibrant claps continue to elevate mood for what results in a tastefully nostalgic conclusion.

Returning to the label and providing the second and final interpretation of ‘Hi Low’ is Mononoid. Residing in the Netherlands, Andy Godderis and Igor Shumlyanskiy make up the Mononoid production duo. Upon partnering in 2011, a string of releases on Traum got their career off to a great start. Consistently pushing creative boundaries over the last decade, their unique take on electronic music has since been showcased on storied labels such as Beatfreak, Beat Boutique, Einmusika and Stil Vor Talent. Having last appeared on ICONYC earlier this year with a remix of MUUI's 'Relevant Symmetry', Andy and Igor now return with an inspired take on ‘Hi Low’. Making an immediate impact, its rolling rhythmic core is driving and buoyant, layered with Brian's gorgeous vocals, astral designs and swing heavy percussion. Increasingly atmospheric across the first act, these colourful overlays initialize the main break which drifts further into esoteric territory, meditative at moments and striking at others, as breathy wails pierce the air, perfectly playing off hopeful atmospheres, before getting washed away in a trail of drums rolls and sonic sorcery. A stunning remix from Mononoid, rounding out another great offering from John Johnson’s ICONYC. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 21-05-2021

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