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Ale Russo – True Colors (Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor Vision) [Loot Recordings]

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From the heartbeat of Argentina, Ale Russo makes a welcome return to Loot Recordings with two stunningly beautiful and emotive tracks that features a remix from fellow countrymen Nacho Varela and Cruz Vittor.

The passionate and expressive “True Colors” shines with its distinctive rhythms, emotional melodies and intricate percussion. With hints of tango influences, its melodies are a dreamy affair that invites the listener in with haunting, nostalgic sounds and introspective feel.

The “Nacho Varela and Cruz Vittor Vision” is an seductive and compelling interpretation that amplifies elements from the original with intertwined harmonies, vibrant synths and big, euphoric moments.

“Wake Up” is a mesmerizing deep, euphoric track that is characterized by its lush textures, hypnotic rolling bass line and enchanting melodies. Crisp percussion and a soaring synth evolves and unfolds throughout the track, creating an ethereal vibe and sonic landscape.

Buy: bit.ly/3KoGQAX
Release Date: 04-08-2023



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