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Adrian Pricope – In Time [Waiting For Apollo]

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Following releases on label affiliate Deepwibe Underground, Adrian Pricope presents his first EP on the fast rising Waiting For Apollo. Having debuted on the label in December with the single track 'Stranded Deep', the Romanian artist also lays claim to releases on Massive Harmony Records and Submarine Vibes. Beloved for his musical style the Bucharest resident now returns to 'Waiting For Apollo' with 'In Time'.

Beginning with ‘In Time’ Adrian explores a deep, hypnotic ethos with great success. Warm, charming and undeniably sleek, it’s a track which quickly captures your imagination, as melodic fragments and wispy effects converge for a lovely narrative. The main break furthers the tranquil nature of the piece, melting down to a radiant glow before muted beats expertly emerge for a smooth transition into the final act. The second selection ‘Hard to Explain’ sits in a similar sonic environment but comes off a touch groovier with a more spacious low end. It’s perfectly manicured beats and dulcet rhythms lay the foundation for phasing effects and hopeful overlays, the latter of which serves as an emotional bridge into a stunning third act.

'Senses' continues the journey with a dubby, late night quality which complements the previous compositions nicely. Muted tones, icy atmospheres and striking effects make for a gorgeous listen, but it's the overall sense of flow that ultimately wins you over. Two breaks bend the storyboard just enough to add intrigue without losing it's laid back meditative quality. Rounding out the release are the bulbous beats of 'The After Room'. Atop a tough, punchy foundation comes smooth arps, astral sweeps and striking percussion, resulting in a unique contrast of character and groove. It’s a remarkable sonic marriage, one which makes for a playful yet serene journey, elegantly peaking through an emotive break, before an exhilarating final act puts a cap on this blissful EP. A remarkable collection from Adrian who continues to impress with his first full release on Waiting For Apollo. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2UwPxAf

Release Date: 03-02-2020

Release Promo: http://releasepromo.com

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