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Adrian Pricope & Allen Constantine – Album (Part One) [Deepwibe Underground]

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Deepwibe Underground presents Part One of Adrian Pricope and Allen Constantine's concept 'Album' project. Having worked together just once previously for Jelly For The Babies The Purr imprint, the duo now come together for what promises to be a special collection of music. Part One sees the first two originals alongside remixes from Monograph, Montw, Ewan Rill and A SKITZO.

Spread across three parts it is the first EP which showcases 'L'Italy' and 'Seven Minutes After 8AM'. The former finds Adrian going solo for a deep, jangly slice of house that resonates on multiple levels. With musicality at a premium the Romanian artist effortlessly works soulful motifs and tranquil themes over a smooth, contoured groove, for what results in a compelling seven minute journey. Meanwhile 'Seven Minutes After 8AM' finds the duo following suit with a similar and musically inspired production. Tantalizing tones flow through an unpredictable and delightfully emotive storyboard as piano keys and serendipitous strings fully saturate your pleasure centres. Compositions like these two are hard to come by these days, they have a rare combination of listen-ability and yet can still find a place on the right dance floor. Not an easy thing to pull off and Adrian and Allen seem to have done it with relative ease.

The remixes, as you would expect take those great musical ideas and reinvent them in a more dance floor inspired context, beginning with Monograph who adds some grit and texture to 'L'Italy'. The Russian duo re-process the main themes into something a touch devilish and full of ultra sonic quality. Astral designs further enhance the storyboard before a murky, growling break adds drama and tension, perfectly setting up a powerful finale. Also providing an exceptional rendition of 'L'Italy' Montw brings more of a pure progressive vibe while also operating within a darker narrative. The break is quite captivating with percussive flurries raining down at timely moments, before a tranquil theme and aquatic motifs make for one of the releases most heady moments.

A favourite with DJs pre-release has been Ewan Rill's take on 'Seven Minutes After 8AM'. The Russian artist and Sever Records label boss is known for his rhythmically charged creations and this is yet another that feels primed for dance floor destruction. At the foundation sits a chunky hip swinging groove that plays wonderfully off the fiery percussion and robust core, but it's the delicate melodic concepts which really pull you in. Almost pixie-like in nature the mood is meditative with just a shade of emotion. It resonates on a deeper level and once that thunderous groove drops it's power and drive feel all the more impactful. Rounding the release out is A SKITZO who also delivers something quite special. Perhaps making use of the parts in the most musical manner has resulted in a creation that is both emotive and timeless. Not without it's unique quirks, the percussion sounds tastefully organic while it's spacious groove provides copious amounts of rhythm and swing. There's definitely an end of the night feel to this so perhaps it's only fitting that it does round the release out on a such positive note. A great beginning for what promises to be a memorable three part audio adventure from Adrian Pricope, Allen Constantine and Deepwide Underground. Don't miss it.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2KULJ7R

Release Date: 02-07-2019

Release Promo: http://releasepromo.com

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