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The Cobb – Zemlya [-102C]

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-102C label manager The Cobb presents the final installment of his 'Elements' series with the fourth offering 'Zemlya'. Beginning in September with the excellent 'Veter', the 'Elements' series is a four release anthology whereby the The Cobb creates a track to represent one of the four elements alongside a remix from Dmitry Molosh. Receiving predictably great responses, the release of 'Voda' and 'Ogon' notched the series' second and third installments in November, and now 'Zemlya' arrives to cap the series off in fine style.

The Cobb has done a lot with his Elements series, it's much more than just four random tracks grouped together to make the concept, rather they are four distinct pieces of music which captivate and tell a story along the way. The final chapter should be something reflective which allows the listener to look back on all four stages of the journey and 'Zemlya' does exactly that. It's rich textures in combination with a warm, fluid groove and heartfelt melodic concepts makes for a final chapter that is equal parts memorable and emotive.

Meanwhile Dmitry Molosh should receive equal praise for taking on this ambitious project. The progressive music star ventured into organic house territory on all four of these, giving his fans an alternative look at his creative talent. On 'Zemlya' Dmitry follows the heartfelt vibe of the original but dramatically reshapes the narrative through exotic drums, soulful instrumentation and cross cultural vocal elements. It's transcendent vibe and grandiose quality (particularly during the break) really hit home and inject even more emotion into a glowing finale.

The Cobb has crafted an incredible sound story with the four selections which make up his Elements project, perhaps none more heartfelt than 'Zemlya', a track which resonates on a deeper, more profound level and rounds out an incredible year for both himself and -102C. Look for even bigger and better things across 2022 but for now relish in the intoxicating sounds of 'Zemlya'. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 17-12-2021

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