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Damon Jee & Darlyn Vlys – UFO [Dust & Blood]

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Prepare yourselves for a journey of intergalactic soul… Damon Jee’s Dust & Blood label is about to launch its most cosmic trip to date.

Your captains on this voyage de l'âme intergalactique are the bossman Damon himself and his right-hand navigator Darlyn Vlys. Arm-in-arm they team up for three remarkable planet-bouncing adventures, starting with ‘Phénomène’. A butt-shaking, blunt-smoking space disco freak-out, complete with electro-style roboticised vocals, this isn’t just a track – it’s a window into a new dimension. And it comes complete with a killer return trip remix from the Adana Twins.

‘No Flash’ follows. Instantly striking with its loose, swinging off-grid drums and scorching rocket booster synth splashes, there’s 23rd century Italo flavour as we zoom deeper and deeper into the aether before ‘UFO’ brings the EP to an astounding climax. Less of a ‘UFO’ sighting and more of a full-bodied feeling, these are otherworldly flavours on an Area 54 level: in just six minutes the French duo traverse their entire sound palette with aplomb. Big crunchy synths on the intro, hip-slinging bass guitar on the drop and lavish extra terrestrial synth flares, ain’t nobody phoning home when this is playing.

There’s something like a phenomenon, as LL Cool J once told us, but there’s nothing like a ‘Phénomène’. Ready for take-off?

Buy: bit.ly/3ECUwU6
Release Date: 17-12-2021



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