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The Cobb – Apogee [Deepwibe Underground]

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The latest release from Deepwibe Underground welcomes The Cobb to the label for his debut EP. Andrei Yakovlev aka The Cobb hails from Saint Petersburg, Russia where he has spent the better part of a decade as part of the cities nightlife. As a resident DJ at the legendary Warrp Club, Andrei has delighted crowds with his exquisite programming skills and blend of melodic house and techno. Now embarking on his first ever release he debuts on Deepwibe Underground with 'Apogee'.

Beginning with the title selection The Cobb collaborates with Deepwibe Underground stalwarts Monograph for an epic slice of progressive house. The trio works retro rhythms and rolling arps over a foundation of warm beats and mountainous bass. Hypnotic flow is at a premium here as the piece grabs your attention with trippy synth phrases and ghostly effects. Smooth yet powerful, the narrative evolves as piercing stabs and swirling noise shift energy into a well timed break. The main theme then rises to prominence, cascading and wonky in equal measure, it sets up a tasteful crescendo and peak time final movement.

Selection two 'Break In' finds The Cobb operating in solo capacity and crafting a similarly tough yet more buoyant construction. Remarkably smooth and groovy, it’s fluid rhythms and playful arps work amazingly well together, as percussive splashes strike at opportune moments. Indistinct vocals flow through the break's underbelly while flickering arps and poignant tones build a subtle tension above. Eerie yet calming, it's a captivating centrepiece which furthers the hypnotic appeal of the piece and perfectly sets up a free flowing finale.

Operating in a similar sonic space and rounding out the release is 'Another Play'. Once again it's a band of trippy arps which take centrestage, resonating brightly across the first act as an undulating groove powers the foundation for a pleasing dance floor romp. Haunting vocal gates and clattering percussion flow through the framework for moments of sonic integrity across the first act, before melting down into another well crafted break. A second overlay blankets the proceedings here, eventually sitting as the lone motif with the beats dropping for a charged conclusion. It caps off what is an auspicious debut for The Cobb, a new artist who has already made his mark in the progressive underground with this excellent three track showcase. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2Fj6U1v

Release Date: 21-09-2020

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