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TEELCO – Chakana [Balkan Connection]

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The final Balkan Connection release of the year welcomes TEELCO to the label for his debut EP. Hailing from Tirana, the Albanian artist had standout releases this year on Deersky’s Soundteller Records and Dynacom’s Auditen Music. Now making his Balkan Connection debut TEELCO presents his ‘Chakana’ EP alongside remixes from Paul Angelo & Don Argento, Da Luka and Zan Prevee.

Beginning with the title track we get a classic progressive house chugger. It’s full, rolling groove feels timeless for the genre while an array of effects and momentous rhythms leads nicely into the break. The emotional narrative of the track then opens up considerably with a one minute stretch of melodic clusters and gaseous sweeps, before a subtle roll and wave of noise sparks a powerful finale. The companion piece ‘Ørsted’ is geared more for peak time play with it’s fiery tempo and rippling low end. Catchy hooks combined with timely modulation and frayed percussion make for several big moments, before a spaced out break brings further drama into a stellar final act.

There are two interpretations of ‘Chakana’ led by the perpetually hot Paul Angelo & Don Argento. The Cyprus based duo have been one of 2018’s most in demand progressive house acts and 2019 looks to be even brighter. Here they dial in another beauty taking the driving sensibility of the original and opening it up for a spaced out seven minute journey. A catchy arp leads the piece, blossoming as the main break evolves before a rush of beats and drums elevate the mood for a powerful drop. No doubt another one you’ll be hearing a lot in the coming months. The second interpretation comes from Da Luka who returns to the label for his third appearance. We last heard from the Albanian artist in June with his excellent ‘Secret City’ EP for Soundteller Records and now he ends 2018 with a top rendition of ‘Chakana’. It sits nicely between the original and Paul & Don’s remix in terms of fluidity. The rougher, rugged qualities of the original have been streamlined but there is still considerable bounce and character in the groove. Emotive yet haunting, it’s otherworldly feel grows as the narrative progresses, eventually peaking during the main break before resetting for a stripped back re-entry.

The release concludes with Zan Prevee providing the lone interpretation of ‘Ørsted’. The Greek artist is best known for his work on Stellar Fountain and now makes his Balkan Connection debut with a superb take on ‘Ørsted’. Opting for a more melodic approach Zan has delivered a superb complement to the original. Smooth and free flowing, it’s a tastefully euphoric representation of the original with an abundance of reflective qualities. Kind of a fitting piece of music to close out what has been a great year for Balkan Connection. Now over eleven years and 500 releases into their journey and still at the top of their game. Can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for this pillar of the progressive music scene.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2GE2KBI

Release Date: 31-12-2018

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