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Stylo & Dj Zombi – Guest From West (Alexey Union & Jon.K Remix) [Lost On You]

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Israelian producers Stylo and DJ Zombi, land on Lost on You for their debut with their latest EP titled "Guess From The West"; to bring us a slice of wonderful summer vibes.

The EP opens with the title track, "Guess From The West", which brings a melancholic mood, as we meander effortlessly through melodies, while the sensual chords settle beautifully over the top adding an extra layer of depth. The manipulation of rhythm, which marks the producers' personal trademark, prevails, as all sorts of elements come in and out of the ear. Perfect for a beat-loving crowd and to get you in the mood for a great night out.

For the remix we welcome Alexey Union & Jon.K are known for their polished sound, who keep t he ethereal theme of "Guess From The West" alive, taking the production to a new level with some vibrant chords, before drum fills, overall warmth and vocals present at every turn combine to speak. Like something from yesteryear, but with a fresh sound, his transcendent romp raises the energy levels, yet heightens the melancholy with elements both lucid and stripped down at the same time, before luscious pads adorn the rework changing the mood and creating a blanket of warmth that envelops the affected groove.

With "Guess From The West", Stylo and DJ Zombi prove that there are no limits, as this beautiful melodic gem guides you into an emotionally charged melodic embrace that will rock you.

Buy: bit.ly/3w5uIME
Release Date: 05-11-2021



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