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Stefanie Raschke – Talk [Stil Vor Talent]

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First in a series of mini-compilations bound to shed a broader light on rising and under-represented talents, "SVT328" puts on a savorous menu of techno-friendly grooves and big-room busters from a diverse cast of up-and-coming producers.

Punching the clock in first position, Hamburg's SUZé gives us a spitting glimpse of her vivid, exotica-infused universe. Sitting halfway laser-guided minimal tech wares and retro-laced EBM artillery, "Between The Lines" is a straight out compelling slice of conscious body music, equally enjoyable on and off the dance floor. Stephanie Raschke picks up the torch and runs the hoodoo down on a further heavy, sludgey note with "Talk To Me" - an electro-rock hybrid that beams a wild mix of neonized synth talk, raucous bass riffs and thrashed disco vibes as one.

Kaufmann takes over with the hi-NRG "Twee", a seriously infectious slab that'll get all tickers in the room swinging at equivalent rate. Nurtured on sci-fi-infused sound design and a stadium-sized sense of raving extravaganza, this one's got peak time-belter written all over it. A stealthier affair, Spada's "Tantrum" sneaks its way in the shadow. Merging an inch-perfect programming with luscious middle-eastern harmonics and seesawing synths on a mission, its catchy hook keeps etching deeper into the listener's mind as bars roll by. Kasbah-rocker all the way.

Buy: lnk.to/StilvorTalent-Rising
Release Date: 09-12-2022


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